Big Branzino: Wooden Floating Sauna By Sandellsanberg


A walking sauna just makes no sense, but Swedish studio Sandellsandberg has succeeded in creating a floating sauna that offers a different sensation. Named Big Branzino, this floating sauna has a distinctive shape as a guiding light, adapted to enjoy the sauna and entertain each guest while traveling around Stockholm archipelago. With a speed of five knots, each bay and island can be explored with changing scenery.

The heart of the sauna is a specially designed wrought iron furnace with glass in all directions, meaning the flames shine through the interior and remain visible outside where the light can play against the waves. The lowest point of the sauna forms an arch to create a feeling of presence and proximity to the fire within the sauna, while a staircase leading up allows guests to enjoy the starry sky above.

The sauna room is centered in the center and its heart is a specially designed forged furnace of steel and glass. The use of glass is what makes the fire shine in all directions and even fills the interior. An astonishing sight is how this fire is also visible outwardly all around, where the light can play against the waves.


Floating sauna structure

Big Branzino was designed by the master carpenter Leif Persson’s hand at the Kungsör shipyard, and the whole process is filled with craftsmanship. The pontoon is a steel armored structure that holds hidden storage below deck. The structure consists of hemp oil-treated pine wood on the exterior to blend in with nature, while the entire interior is made of cedar wood. Even the furniture on the roof terrace was cedar, where the table section could be folded down with brass handles to make extra space.

All rudder and navigation are on the foredeck. To reduce clutter, all modern navigation equipment is hidden by a specially designed brass cylinder cover. When the sun goes down, the lights can be dimmed so they don’t compete with the fire and starry skies. The inside of the roof has recessed LED lights on the top of the walls, so that they are not dazzling when guests want to enjoy the night view.


Floating sauna exterior

Floating saunas have a beautiful exterior design. Equipped with pine planks allows the floating structure to blend in harmoniously with the forest it will continue to traverse. It featured two reinforced main decks with glazed ends at the bow and stern. There are bathrooms and showers on either side of the central sauna room, which consists of a two-level seating section positioned around a stove. There is a staircase at one end, which leads up to the roof, where another intimate seating area provides panoramic views of the landscape.

The floating sauna is a great option to unwind and relax while taking in the breathtaking views of Stockholm’s archipelago, with a dedicated fireplace to keep you warm into the night. This sauna is also equipped with a roof for dancing at night with entertainment. Enjoy!














designer: Sandellsandberg


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