Pit House: Single Family House Renovation Since 1929


Located in Hague bird district, the so-called Dutch garden district, Pit House is a single family house renovation by Bloot Architecture. Originally, the building was a dilapidated brick house from 1929 which has been totally renovated and expanded with a seating area. Working with clients, pit houses provide more space, an open kitchen and a more direct connection to the garden.

In finishing, it seems clear that there is enough room to create a second seat on the ground floor if we want to extend the size beyond the width of the house. This is a house designed without television, where you can live on a different level and enjoy the outdoors. One of the highlights, you will be greeted by a chair that sinks into the ground making anyone cozy here.


Pit Seating Area

Pit seats form a warm play area around the fireplace to keep things together. Visible at eye level from the seating holes, there is a vertical sliding facades on the curb. With electric sliding doors as well as a large sliding door at the back, you can imagine yourself outside in the sitting pits, in the fireplace, and under the reclining seats. The low windows also provide an opportunity for kids to play around the seating area. Since the free seating area in the room next to the house, apart from being directly connected to the garden, there is now also a direct connection to the street, which in turn provides a new dynamic for the use of the house.



Separate Entity

The fireplace sits on solid beams, along with a thick wall on the other side and a wall parallel to the seating holes that support the roof. These three elements are made of concrete stucco. In this way, the old house and the new intervention are separate entities.




Contrast And Connection

The large glass surface forms a sharp contrast to the brick house. On the other hand, the embodiment of the roof and ceiling extensions tries to relate to the existing situation again. Corten steel and wood slats give the design a warm feel to match the red and brown brick house.



architect: bloot architecture


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