Raus Cabin: Best Nature Holiday In Near The City


Sometimes we really need to stop from all activities, and enjoy our time in the midst of nature. Nowadays not everyone has time to go on holiday, especially for those of you who are busy with work, it will sound impossible. However, what if your vacation spot is only a few hours from where you live? We’re sure not everyone who lives in the city has that opportunity, so you should take it just to relax for a few days.

Luckily for those of you who live in Berlin or a city near the German capital, there are Reus cabins that are designated as hotel rooms in the German environment. Each hotel is self-contained and can be placed in a spectacular landscape to offer a small break or getaway without having to travel far. Their new cabin design is just as compact as the original, but with a slight scorch touch.

Designed by architect Sigurd Larsen for Reus the first is currently located in Wehrmühle in Art Biesenthal which is only about an hour from Berlin.


The cabin measures just 193 square feet and is made entirely of charred wood. This material gives it a dark and worn look that makes it seem like it blends into the dark tree trunks that surround it. To make a small space look grand, Sigurd packed all the programs on one side and left the other with high ceilings and large panoramic windows. Beds, sofas, bunk beds and bathrooms are all inhabited niches in the wall. This concept gives the impression of being in a cave where you can crawl in and feel protected from one side, and have a fully open view in all other directions.




All cabin interiors are stained with ebony. This allows you to enjoy uninterrupted views of nature, as the dark interior creates almost no reflections in the glass.


Another special feature that caught our eye is the skylights in the bathroom and above the bunk beds, which allow you to gaze out at the treetops above and the changing weather.



Whatever you do to relax in this cabin, the sun will shine on your cabin in the morning. It then moves behind the cabin, so that at the hottest time of the day you have shade on the front porch and can watch the sun set in bed or on the little patio.





“During your stay here, you can spend your stay in the beautiful meadows of a historic place that holds art and culture. Stroll through the gardens and discover contemporary artworks, listen to the murmur of the creek and watch the shadows play under the trees”.


architect: Sigurd Larsen


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