Sunne: Solar Light That Bring The Sun For Your Home


Sunne is a self-contained solar light that captures, stores and generates sunlight for your home. Starting with a kickstarter campaign in 2021, award-winning solar designer Marjan van Aubel is launching the first production line of its solar product line. The Sunne brand was finally officially founded in 2022 when the designers teamed up with solar engineer, Erwin Marges. Inspired by their love of solar power, they managed to combine modern aesthetics, sustainability and technology, introducing solar lighting products indoors.

During the day, this lamp harvests energy from the sun when you hang it near a window, and at night it brings sunlight into your home. Without a plug or external power supply, it turns itself on automatically at sunset and can be set in three settings that mimic all the natural moments of the sun, namely Sunne Rise, Sunne Set, and Sunne Light.


Sunne solar light is made of a long curved strip of aluminum. It is shaped like a horizon, the curve provides a larger surface area to allow maximum solar cells. Sunne solar side contains solar cells that harvest energy during the day and then store this power in an integrated battery. For operation, simply touch the top of the lamp or integrate it with your smartphone. The Sunne has an ambient light beam, is 80 cm long, and hangs in front of your window by two steel wires via a secure and simple hanging system, without the need for an external plug.








designer: Marjan van Aubel studio


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