10 Memorable Valentine Gift Ideas with Photo Frames

It doesn’t realize that we have entered the month of February, and I hope that your February will always be happy because soon we will all be celebrating Valentine’s Day. On this Valentine’s Day, have you thought about what gift is the most memorable for your beloved one? Some people may have planned a vacation with the people closest to them or just spending time alone with friends or couple.

To make this year’s celebration even more special, try making your own Valentine’s gift that will melt your partner’s heart. A Valentine’s photo gift can be truly memorable if you make it with all your heart. From aesthetic photo hangers to super beautiful photo frames. This is the best Valentine gift idea that will frame the story of you and your partner. Let’s see!

1. Minimalist photo frame


This simple photo frame will be a constant reminder of your love journey. Starting from meeting, getting married to having children, everything is united in a series of Polaroid photos framed in a minimalist style.

2. Photo of heart shape


The shape of the heart is the best expression of love on Valentine’s Day. Arrange several batches of photos into the shape of the day and then frame them with white nuances. You can also add date or words in it which beautify the photo frame.

3. Acrylic photo frame


Made of acrylic material, this is a Valentine’s Day photo frame gift that doubles as a music box. Equipped with wooden stands and lamps that look beautiful as table decorations in the bedroom.

4. Burlap photo frame


Photo frames bring a classic as well as aesthetic impression as a gift or decoration. Made of pieces of wood and burlap tied with a rope as a symbol that your love and your partner will always be eternal.

5. Wooden wall photo frame


Wooden wall photo frames are indeed more suitable for wall displays. It feels unique because the photo is printed on a wooden board and blends with the frame. You can hang it on the wall or place it on a display table.

6. Lamp photo frame


Not only as an ordinary photo frame, this Valentine gift can also function as a table lamp or night lamp. The photo is inside a snow globe which is equipped with lights as extra lighting in the room.

7. Mini photo albums


This is one of my favorite Vaslentine gift ideas. A series of mini photo albums together with a beautiful jewelry box. In addition to photos, you can also write your hopes or wishes in it to give to your partner.

8. Custom photo frames


A DIY photo frame that will make your Valentine’s day even more memorable. Custom made as a medium to show your feelings to your partner. From hanging chains, glass frames, to decorative floral ornaments, you can express it all in an exclusive photo frame.

9. Hanging photo frame


Although simple, this photo frame idea feels unique with natural accents. It only takes a few minutes to make, and the ingredients are already around. Trust me, you only need a tree branch, woolen thread, and glue to make it.

10. Wooden photo frame model of clothesline


At first glance this photo frame looks like clothesline. However, this photo frame looks beautiful as a display. Suitable for Vaslentine gifts especially for those of you who are already family. Even though it is simple, it has a deeper and touching family meaning.


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