10 Smart Behind The Door Storage To Small Spaces

When you are faced with a small room, obviously you have to be really smart in storing your things. Every square inch should be utilized to the fullest without sacrificing too much space. However, you also don’t need to add a large closet or storage system just to meet your needs. Don’t worry, I’ve always believed that everyone has their own way of dealing with many household problems, especially when it comes to small space storage ideas.

If you’ve given up on where to put things, even if the walls are completely full, then there’s only one place and that’s to make a storage area behind the door. So the more you can think outside the box behind your door, the more clutter you can get rid of.

Here I’ve put together some ways to use the back of a door or cabinetry to create an organizational solution. Please scroll down and find your favorite small space storage ideas!

1. Additional kitchen door storage


The kitchen is the busiest area in the house, and looking after food and kitchen staples is a never-ending affair. If your kitchen is small, try changing the area behind the kitchen door to store items you use frequently.

2. Wooden makeup rack with minimalist nuances


It’s normal for women to have a large collection of make-up in their room. However, sometimes the dressing table is not enough to accommodate their needs. So, only use wooden shelf arrangements behind doors to provide extra storage area.

3. Flexible hanging pocket storage


This hanging storage requires no nails or drills to attach to the back of a cupboard or cabinet door. Consisting of many pockets of various sizes, making it easier for you to store whatever items you need.

4. Transparent storage shelf on the bathroom door


As we know, the bathroom is the smallest area of the house, so you definitely need extra storage space. To avoid clutter, take advantage of the area behind the bathroom door by installing shelves with a transparent system. Besides looking minimalist, using transparent shelves makes it easier for you to find things.

5. Basket shelf at the entrance


When you first arrive at home, maybe storing your belongings is not the first thing that comes to your mind. Even though it feels trivial, this habit often makes the house messy. The solution, you can build a storage system behind the entry door. Use a basket rack made of sturdy wire or metal for large items.

6. Extra kitchen pantry with wooden storage shelves


Have you ever felt that the kitchen pantry at home is full quickly? It doesn’t matter how many storage units you have, there’s always less space when you want to stock up on food or store kitchen equipment. So, you just need to install an additional wooden shelf on your pantry door. This wooden shelf will save you time when you want to look for the items you use most often.

7. Add clothes storage on the bedroom door


When you need more space to store your clothes in the bedroom, expanding the wardrobe is not the best solution. Look behind the door for additional storage space. Several attempts at installing metal shelving or hooks will have a major impact on your storage solution.

8. Hidden craft storage


If you are a creative person, of course, you have a lot of materials for crafts. And these craft supplies often end up in a bottom drawer or storage container that mixes things up. Now you can switch to a much more accessible back door or cabinet door for storing your craft supplies. From pegboards to handy hooks, this is what you’ll need.

9. Gift wrapping station at the door of the home office


Don’t let your home office get messy with lots of packaged supplies everywhere. Take advantage of the office or bedroom door that is easy to access when birthdays or holidays arrive. Equipped with many compartments that function properly, as well as iron shelves that can hold various sizes of items very sturdy.

10. As a family storage center


This is a family favorite behind the door storage area. Perfect for small entryways that don’t have a large mudroom or closet area. Complement the area behind the closet door with hanging storage to store necessities or as a family command center.


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