12 Super Tiny Under Stair Ideas To Get Maximize

Living in a small house or apartment means you have to be smart about getting around every inch of space. From small bedrooms to small hallways to narrow bathrooms, it also demands that you be able to come up with creative storage options. But don’t worry, you’re very lucky if you have a bit of space under the stairs. Storage under stairs is one of the most practical spaces in the house, but installing storage units under stairs can be tricky.

There are lots of things you can do with the space, such as address storage issues or create additional seating. So, don’t let the space under your stairs neglect. No matter how narrow the space under the stairs is, you can make full use of this super tiny area. Please scroll down and get your favorite under ladder ideas.

1. Tiny pastel-colored storage cabinet


The remaining little area under the stairs can also look attractive by adding a pastel color cabinet. Being in a slightly hidden area to attract attention, you can combine it with other storage units.

2. Mini-sized open closet


Not just a place to store clothes, this open closet is easy to move so it can fit into the tiny room under the stairs. Add chalkboard walls, chairs, and artwork for a stylish look.

3. Tiny bench under the stairs


If you have a small entryway right under the stairs, make it comfortable by placing stools with functional storage.

4. Toy storage chest


This is a favorite space under the stairs of children. In addition to providing a closed storage cabinet, place a toy storage box that looks like a treasure chest.

5. Walk in hidden closet


This is another example when built-in shelving comes in handy with spaces under stairs. Create a hidden walk in closet under the stairs, next to the door so it’s easily accessible whenever you want it.

6. Simple shoe storage


The space under the stairs is basically a smart choice for any storage, and your shoe collection is no exception. As easy as taking off your shoes every time you enter your home, the area under the stairs will keep your home from clutter.

7. Display decorative objects


If you like a place where you can display your beloved decorative items, but are short on space, take a look at the space under your stairs. Place the display cabinet and show off your favorite decorations. In this case the farmhouse style looks warm and cozy in a neutral room.

8. Tiny-sized playroom


Children usually love to play and hide under the stairs. So instead of leaving the space under the stairs neglected, you can turn it into a fun little playroom. Decorate with wallpaper and place some of your little one’s favorite toys in the room.

9. Classic study desk


The classic staircase style must be balanced with matching decorations, and if you still want to prioritize function, then you can add a classic desk as well as a bookshelf. To perfect it, complete with antique paintings that feel together with the space under the stairs.

10. Woven cottage-style baskets


Cottage style homes are very popular because they give a feeling of comfort. Like the stairs of this cottage, which is equipped with an aesthetic storage room with woven baskets made of rattan.

11. Functional space for any storage


There are no rules for how you should make space under the stairs, like this tiny staircase that has an open area underneath. Here you can store anything or build yourself a cozy nooks.

12. Tiny Christmas decorations under the stairs


As with Christmas celebrations in general, stairs are always the main concern when it comes to decorations. Even if you only have a narrow area under the stairs, a small Christmas decoration will look amazing.


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