18 Easy DIY Clay Crafts For This Weekend

Want to do something creative this weekend? or are you looking for useful activities for children at home? Clay craft has been the most sought-after activity over the past year. This eco-friendly material is indeed interesting to turn into any useful craft item, even if you are a beginner. Starting from simple shapes, you can create various clay creations with just a little effort. Starting from making jewelry, plates, cutlery, storage, and much more. They are fun to play with or add any color you want.

Clay when it dries becomes a very versatile shape or object and all you have to do is shape it, paint it and dry it and then you have aesthetic little things. Initially, clay crafts were only made by experienced people, but now many people are trying to make DIY clay crafts in the easiest and simplest way. I think kids will love it, it’s not only about shaping things but also exploring their creativity.

Today I’ve rounded up all kinds of clay ideas, from simple holders to miniature decorative pieces. So please scroll down and find out which is your favourite!

1. The clay plate has an irregular shape which makes it look unique.


2. This match holder with striker is the main attraction on the table.


3. Clay vases with colorful paintings are even prettier with brightly colored flowers.


4. Plate-shaped with a unique face. You can store jewelry or other valuable objects in a very stylish way.


5. At first glance it looks like a flower vase, but this is just a plant holder which will be a beautiful decoration in the corner of any room.


6. Clay candle holder with unique wave shape.


7. Having a variety of shapes and colors, these clay coasters will attract the attention of anyone on the dining table.


8. Clay crafts that kids will definitely love. It consists of an adorable shape as a key chain or bag.


9. Christmas is indeed over, but I couldn’t resist adding Christmas tree decorations to today’s list.


10. Unique and versatile spiral-shaped mini clay plates.


11. I love the boho look of these clay coasters. Rainbow-shaped with a beautiful blend of colors.


12. Make clay into a hanging decoration with the shape you want.


13. Although simple, this clay DIY project for a polaroid photo booth looks absolutely adorable.


14. You won’t think that these cute hair clips are made of clay.


15. The shape of the rainbow seems to be the most popular for clay crafts, such as stationery boxes with colorful rainbow shapes.


16. Inspired by miniature plants, this clay ring holder will never let you forget where you put your favorite ring.


17. Consists of a series of clay with the shape of a rainbow. A boho style banner would be a great decoration for a party or room at home.


18. This minimalist style succulent pot is made of clay. With texture and white paint it makes it look more elegant.



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