20 Cool And Easy DIY Cardboard Cat Furniture


If there is a pet we care about the most, it has to be cats because they are some of the most loyal friends. Cats are never complaining friends, and our children absolutely love them as pets. Cats usually enjoy clawing at whatever is in front of them, sharpening those claws being part of what they do.

So instead of giving them a nice piece of furniture, why not make a cat DIY project out of recycled cardboard? We have 20 cool and easy carboard cat furniture ideas that will make your kitty feel happy. You have no choice but to give it a try after seeing how this cat furniture works for any style of space.

Enjoy making cardboard crafts for your cat and will appreciate it even more when your cat enjoys it. There are many options available and when they destroy it, throw it away. They are fully recyclable thereby reducing your carbon footprint.


Why does it have to be cat cardboard carton furniture?

The best thing about cardboard cat furniture is easy to make, no need for expensive accessories and auxiliary materials. You only need empty cardboard from any wrapping, scissors, glue and tape it will be easy for you to create amazing cat furniture for your pets. The basic accessories may already be around your house, but there are always alternative ways to add a few accessories to your cat’s space.

Decorate the cat furniture with paint or use additional stationery which can be purchased at the nearest market. In addition, you can use the included colored markers and sheets to enhance the look of your cat furniture. You can use it yourself or gift cardboard cat furniture to your friends and family.


Cat cardboard furniture designs

As with most cardboard crafts in general, there’s no limit to how you should make it? It can be anything and must be pet friendly of course. You can create your own cardboard designs or slightly change the cardboard packaging that has become cat furniture, from cat houses, scratchers, cat toys, cat trees, forts, cat boxes, and many more.

While any cardboard material can be made cat friendly, it is highly recommended to choose cardboard that is thick or you can stack it in layers. That way, cat furniture can last a long time and it’s easy when you want to decorate it. Enjoy!



















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