20 Cool And Minimalist Desk Setups With Neon Sign


Proper organization and clear boundaries are essential for businesses, and they are just as true for a minimalist home office as it is for the main room of the house. Therefore, if you want comfort while working at home, consider a desk setup that suits your style and personality. Designing a cool and minimalist desk setting is one of the best things you can do for your home office. A simple workspace is proven to be effective in increasing your productivity and focus so you can work optimally.

Talking about desk setup, lighting is an important factor that will determine the outcome of your work. That’s why, today I want to inspire you with a neon light idea that will bring a positive change to your work space. Everyone has a way of making themselves feel good, and neon lights can really lift your mood and even give you motivation.

I’m sure you often see neon signs in party rooms or private rooms, so how about we bring them into the den or game room? Here are some neon t lamp ideas that will make anyone want to have at least one in their home!


Neon sign for desk setup

So far, we know neon lights only as decorations, even though neon has attractive models and colors so that it can be applied to any space, including a work desk. Neon lamps have an aesthetic design that makes them suitable as a decoration on a table. You can choose neon lights with various models or according to your interests, from fruit shapes, lightning, or whatever character you like.

Apart from being a table decoration and providing extra lighting, a neon sign can also be a decorative wall display. Create quotes, motivations or any other form that can help you be more productive. Besides being cool as a desk setup, neon lights are a type of lamp with a low budget so they can be taken into consideration for renovating your workspace. Find more inspiration below!











Neon light for gaming room

Gaming rooms are not workspaces, but nowadays many people are looking for income just from playing games. Most gamers apply the concept of a futuristic space in their gaming room, so lighting plays an important role in keeping them focused. Neon lights are a great way to change the mood of a room. However, you can also combine it with other lighting ideas such as LED or RGB lights. Setting a gaming table with lots of lighting ideas is the fascination and dream of every gamer.

Currently, it’s not just a gaming room, you can also create a workspace that has a similar concept, of course, with lots of lighting ideas. Interested in taking your workspace to another level? here’s the inspiration!










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