20 Cool And Modern Grunge Interior You’ll Love


Grunge is a lifestyle that emerged around the early 1980s in the state of Washington, America, especially Seattle and the surrounding cities. Popularized through music that combines elements of punk rock and heavy metal, and the band Nirvana is perhaps the most influential to still be widely applied to today’s style. As it develops, grunge is not only centered on music but also on fashion and interior design.

If you are a fan of the grunge style and want to display it in your interior, there are various easy ways to change your space with a cool grunge style. This interior design embraces freedom, so you will find lots of rooms with dark shades, dirty walls, and industrial to vintage nuances. However, if you take a closer look at the grunge style, it still has a smooth, clean, elegant, and unique design in every way.

Here are some grunge interior designs that you can apply to modern homes!


Why should it be a grunge interior design?

Among past interior designs, the grunge style is perhaps one of the most popular, especially among teenagers. The grunge style has a fascination with old-fashioned elegance and charm. Its free design without a lot of accessories makes it easy to implement, even for the next generation. For some reason, the grunge room is not just an interior theme but a part of the lifestyle for those who dream of a cozy nest.


Grunge interior design features

The grunge style emerged thanks to the desire of the youth of that time for rebellion and freedom; that’s why this interior style is still a part of the youth lifestyle. However, nowadays many designers are starting to apply this freedom of expression to today’s homes, even many adults who like grunge interior design. The reason is that this style combines simplicity and beauty in the interior but is still affordable because it uses a lot of recycled furniture and old decorations. Plaster walls, exposed brick, and wood pallets dominate the grunge space. The natural colors of the wood and ceramic tiles blend seamlessly with the fairly simple décor. The color choices are not too flashy and only use neutral colors that tend to be dark.


More ideas

Important details and accessories are important elements in grunge interior design. It can be wall carvings, carpets, or simple blinds on the windows made of natural fabrics. It is the appeal of grunge interiors to recreate familiar, classic forms of decoration using readily available techniques and materials. Finally, you can add many musical elements to the decoration, from posters of your favorite bands, song lyrics, dim lighting, to musical instruments that symbolize hobbies and freedom. Find more inspiration for your favorite grunge room below!


















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