20 Cool Black Christmas Ideas For Gothic Interior


If you want a different Christmas feel that looks really cool, try adding a black color scheme to your Christmas decorations this year. Black is a neutral color, one of the classic colors that is suitable to be combined into any holiday style. Black looks amazing with white, gold, silver, navy, red, green, and almost any color you can imagine, and always creates a chic feel.

Black Christmas decorations create a thick canvas that can go from glamorous to gothic depending on the color you choose. It seems moody and dark decorations have become an increasingly popular trend, and incorporating them into your Christmas decor is worth considering. So, in this post we have collected some of the best black Christmas decoration ideas. If you want to enjoy the dark midnight Christmas atmosphere, you can try one of these. Merry Christmas!

Black Christmas tree

Placing a black Christmas tree will automatically make your space more beautiful and elegant. You don’t need a lot of ornaments, in fact you just add lights and the tree will look very chic, modern and bold, you just highlight the texture with these light decorations. Black looks stunning with gold and silver, so choose this color combination for ornaments and garlands, and you can even make your Christmas tree more classy. Alternatively, choose purple and silver combined with black for a cool Christmas tree with a subtle touch.


Black Christmas table setting

Create a subtle dark table setting in a color scheme of black, charcoal gray, navy, slate, and other matching colors. Then decorate using a black tablecloth, dark colored plates and cups, black candles, and finally a green plant as a centerpiece will make your table setting look charming. A rustic table with dark plates and gray fabric will look cozy and unique, add berries and greenery as a tablecloth or centerpiece. To keep the decor cool, avoid using light or bright colored items on the table. So, just keep everything balanced between dark and light.


Black Christmas gift

Gifts are also part of your black Christmas decorations as they are usually on the tree, so keep gifts in the same color as the tree or the overall decorations are dark. For example, use black or charcoal gray wrapping paper, black ribbon or thread, and fresh greenery or evergreens with berries. Chalkboard wrapping paper would be ideal for minimal wrapping, you can write the name right on the gift and it looks cool as part of the Christmas tree decorations.


Another black Christmas décor

There are lots of dark Christmas ideas such as dark grey, slate, dark green and black color schemes are the best colors for decoration. Decorate your black staircase with vintage ornaments, berries, and leaves. Use black, emerald and metallic ornaments for tree decorations. If you’re looking for modern decor, pair black with dark purple and perhaps gold. Meanwhile for industrial fans. opt for metal and concrete touches, exposed brick walls, leather furniture, shabby chic items and greenery. Candles and lights are necessary, especially for dark interiors because otherwise it will look monotonous. Get more inspiration below!


















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