20 Cool Study Desk Ideas To Make You Even More Excited


Learning is often a tiring activity, but we must still do it as part of studying and education. It doesn’t matter how old you are, starting from kids, teenagers, even a worker will always be required to continue learning so that it will be easier for you to achieve whatever you want. Now, to support learning activities, of course, the study table must be made as comfortable as possible. This study desk has the main function as a place for you to study and do assignments, which is why a good study table decoration will make you more productive and enthusiastic.

A study desk sometimes makes you bored quickly, this can happen because of its mediocre design, usually it’s just a plain table without any decorations. To improve the quality of your learning, a cool and comfortable study table design will make you concentrate more on absorbing the material being studied or doing assignments. If you feel your study desk needs a little touch of decoration, here we have collected some pictures of study desk and easy tips for doing it. Let’s see!


Minimalist monochrome color accents

The monochrome design of the study room provides timeless color accents. It usually consists of black and white, seen in the use of white wall paint that displays a minimalist impression. This monochrome accent is indeed suitable to be chosen to decorate any space. To get a monochrome study desk design, only add black and white items, wooden furniture, or create a neutral accent wall.


Storage area on the wall

A narrow study desk is not a barrier to getting an organized study desk decoration. To store various items, you can create storage areas on the walls such as hanging shelves or ledge shelves. Meanwhile, for memos, important schedules, photos, and some decorations, you can hang them on a wire attached to the wall. To make the study desk look prettier, adjust the shape and color of the hanging shelf to match the concept of your study room. Keep in mind, the hanging rack must be firmly attached to the wall so that the items stored do not fall easily.


Desk lighting

A desk lamp is indeed an important requirement when you need extra lighting while studying. However, don’t forget the decorative lights that will make your study table more beautiful. There are various types of lighting ideas that you can choose from, such as table lamps, string lights, to tumblrs that will add a warm and comfortable impression. Apart from that, you can also combine decorative lights with some wall displays to make it look more aesthetic.


Give a touch of bright color

Bored with monochrome, black and white, or pastel color accents that feel flashy? Maybe you can try to bring bright colors. Choose wall paint and furniture with bright colors that you want to apply to your desk decoration. For example, the choice of cheerful colors, such as yellow, orange or pink is highly recommended.


Refreshing indoor plants

A cozy study room does not only focus on choosing colors, furniture and decorations. Give a fresh touch to your desk by adding lots of indoor plants. You can put it on a desk, wall shelf, or even hang it to get around limited space. Plants will give a fresh touch and improve mood, so learning activities will feel more enjoyable. In addition, there are several types of plants that are good as filters for toxins and pollutants that are harmful to our bodies.

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