20 Coolest and Stylish Gothic Bedroom Ideas

What do you think about this gothic bedroom design? It may just be creepy or even look the coolest. For some people is gothic lifestyle that has been fused with their lives, not just a gothic bedroom decorating, but only bedroom also has artistic value for those of you who understand. Black is always identical and in associate with gothic, so don’t be surprised if most gothic bedroom ideas take on black as the base color.

The Gothic style became popular in the 12th century, specifically during the Victorian era. It is a style synonymous with mysticism and sophistication, while gothic interior decoration usually features rich colors such as deep red or purple with low intensity lighting. Of course, you are already familiar with the gothic look, at first glance it does seem impressive and mysterious, and has wide applications. If you like a dramatic but elegant bedroom, this style might be worth considering.

Indeed mysterious but try you occupy this bedroom and discover the thrill of sleeping and fun you can make stylish gothic bedroom with great ease, take a few gothic bedroom ideas and tell us about your experience.

Gothic bedroom color scheme

Color is an important feature to highlight a gothic room. Black is a popular color that is often applied to this style, but you can also add several other colors that add a different feel. Purple is a popular color and is a good choice for an elegant look. Apart from that, dark red is another color that fits this theme. Another idea, you can try adding a little freshness by trying shades of green and blue.

Dim lighting with candles

The dark and dramatic impression is the main attraction of a gothic bedroom. So, you may need to add some extra lighting such as candles or lanterns. Apart from helping set the atmosphere of the room, this lighting idea also makes the room look aesthetic. Place candles in decorative candlesticks or ones made of wrought iron and brass. These candle holders usually come in various shapes and sizes which you can choose according to your taste.

Exposed brick wall

Brick walls are known to add character to a space. Like a gothic bedroom with exposed brick walls that look old and worn. The vintage and industrial impression is very strong in the Gothic interior style. You can make an entire wall using exposed brick or just one part of the wall that becomes the focal point.

Black and white decoration

The black and white color scheme is very natural to look in a gothic bedroom. However, it’s best not to overdo it with dark colors because it can make the room feel cramped and gloomy. To feel balanced, it’s important not to overwhelm the room with just one color. So that it doesn’t feel monotonous, choosing white will help soften the appearance. You can apply this neutral color to tiles or even line a room with patterned black and white wallpaper.

Gothic style furniture

Gothic bedroom furniture should be heavy and made of dark wood. For example place a black chair in the corner of the room which would make a beautiful decorative piece of furniture, a large mirror which would be an important feature in a gothic bedroom, or even a dark stained wooden wardrobe. Gothic bedrooms can be very charming and calming if you know how to decorate them.

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