20 Creative DIY Cardboard Crafts For Christmas Decor


Christmas is the most anticipated moment, especially for those who enjoy decorating and decorating their homes. However, the excitement of Christmas is often offset by the abundance of decorations scattered around, making many residents feel lazy about cleaning them up when Christmas is over. Besides beautifying the room with various Christmas decorations, protecting nature and the environment is also important! If you’re ready for an eco-friendly solution, consider DIY cardboard crafts for Christmas decorations this year.

This material is completely free, very environmentally friendly, easily recycled, saves space because it can be easily applied to any room. This is also a great idea for those of you who like DIY crafts because you can make anything you want. It all depends on your own creativity and taste.

There are lots of cardboard Christmas ideas with a variety of cute shapes and complex silhouettes, innovative cuts and the convenience this material offers. Starting from cardboard flower garlands, Christmas trees, to gingerbread houses that make Christmas even more festive. Below we have gathered some of our favorite DIY Christmas cardboard crafts to inspire you. Enjoy!

1. A gingerbread city that makes your Christmas windows look like a fairy tale.


2. Kids will love playing and enjoying this animal-filled winter scene.


3. A cardboard Christmas tree that will attract the attention of every guest.


4. Cardboard wreaths that may require a little skill.


5. These little cardboard stars will add sparkle and excitement to your Christmas tree.


6. Add a unique reindeer head ornament to your Christmas decorations.


7. A mini Christmas tree garland is easy to make in just a few minutes.


8. This row of mountains or group of Christmas trees will beautify your Christmas table.


9. Cardboard Christmas stockings and creative candy containers.


10. Colorful cardboard star decorations that match the greenery on top.


11. Turn a toilet roll, box, and some paper into a simple Christmas advent house.


12. A group of deer that brings an outdoor feel to the corner of your house.


13. Various collections of snowflakes that will liven up your Christmas party.


14. Turn an empty mailing tube, wrapping paper tube, or paper towel tube into a pretty Christmas wreath.


15. Create a snowy pine tree forest on the table with cardboard crafts.


16. This cottage garland will hang all season long with its sparkling light.


17. This mini A-frame house with a view of snow behind the window feels very unique.


18. Beautify your kitchen with simple Christmas window decorations made of cardboard and cloves.


19. From fir branches, ribbon and cardboard, make a simple Christmas wreath in the shape of a beautiful circle.


20. A bunch of eye-catching gingerbread men garland on the chalkboard.



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