20 Fun DIY Backyard Glamping Ideas To Try


There’s no need to take time off or travel far from home to have a great glamping experience. In fact, you can hold glamping every weekend with your family. As we know, many adults don’t like camping because they often don’t have time to have fun. In fact, camping is an activity that children really like at home where you can have quality time and have fun with them. So, let’s go down to the next stage, namely building glamping.

Slightly different from camping, glamping is glamorous camping or a luxury camping experience where the goal is to have fun without actually surviving in the wilderness. Instead of deciding to go camping somewhere far away, why not take the fun to the backyard? It is equally gaining experience of course at a lower cost. It doesn’t matter if it’s summer, fall, or spring, here are a few things you’ll need to make backyard glamping complete. Get inspired!


Find your backyard glamping site

To have a comfortable glamping space in your backyard, you first need to find shelter. It can be canvas tents, plastic tents, or even cloth tents that protect you from the sun and cold weather outside. Best advice, go for a canvas tent as they are perfect for backyard camping. In addition, some of these types of tents are easy to build, although you still need help from several families so they will keep things together.


Outdoor dining area

Once you have shelter, another important thing is to build an outdoor dining area. So many ideas for glamping include complicated picnic table settings, but you can substitute these for simpler wooden tables or floor tables. Set the dining table outside then add a rug and some cushions. This way, you don’t have to relax on the ground and stay comfortable until you see the stars.


Cozy decoration for backyard glamping

When you decide for the idea of glamping in the backyard, of course, the bed is something you take into account. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy, but it has to be comfortable for families, especially children. So, you can choose an easier and more practical floor bed or air mattress. Don’t forget to add an outdoor bench or chair as a relaxing area, you can also add a small table or an old wooden chest to store some camping equipment to accompany you to enjoy a cup of hot coffee.


Warm lighting for camping

Glamping is usually done in the evening, so lighting is an important element for glamping. Be sure to add some lights to the tent as well as the outside. For added warmth, opt for fairy lights or string lights to define the space. This lighting idea also gives a romantic impression to your glamping.

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