20 Fun DIY Pinata Ideas For Kids Birthday Party


There are several things you need when you want to throw a kids’ birthday party, from choosing a party theme, a few backyard games, to birthday treats complete with cake. However, don’t forget about the pinatas to add to the fun and make the party even more lively. If you are planning to throw the best birthday party for your little one this year, put your DIY skills to the test and make a pinata that matches the party theme.

Before you think any further, know what pinatas are and why should you add them to your kids birthday party decoration list? Pinatas are actually just closed containers decorated in such a way and filled with various kinds of gifts such as candy, chocolate, colorful paper to toys. From donut pinatas to delicious ice cream shaped pinatas, they will really bring fun to the party. Scroll for more inspiration!


History of Pinatas

While it’s now commonplace to add pinatas to birthday parties, they have a somewhat complicated history. This birthday decoration first originated in Italy, then spread to Spain and ended up in Mexico. However, if one dives deeper, it turns out that pinata originally came from China brought by Marco Polo who introduced pinatas to the Italians in the XII century while visiting China. The Chinese wear pinatas to welcome spring, which coincides with the Chinese New Year. At that time, the shape of the pinata could vary, but generally had an agricultural theme, such as the shape of an ox and a cow. But in the present; Pinata shapes can vary, such as unicorn shapes, cartoons, animals, and many more.


Stuffed Pinatas

When it was first discovered, pinatas were made of paper filled with 5 kinds of grains according to the theme raised, namely agriculture. But as it grew, pinatas became very popular especially for birthday parties. Today, it is nothing new that pinatas are often filled with small toys, chocolates and candies that children will love. Apart from that, usually the pinata is also filled with various kinds of objects that are liked by people who are having a birthday.


How To Play Pinatas

Pinatas are often the best game at birthday parties. This pinatas will be played by guests or someone having a birthday. There are no rules as to where to play the pinata, but doing it outdoors makes it a lot more fun. Of course, indirectly this is also done to avoid things that are not desirable when hitting the pinata. The person having the birthday is blindfolded and then asked to point the bat at the hanging pinatas. Surely that person will have a hard time finding and hitting the pinata and therein lies the excitement that becomes something both rewarding and fun.

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