20 Fun Outdoor Classroom Ideas For Playground


A cozy classroom is important for boosting learning enthusiasm, but this playground will make breaks more enjoyable than ever. Often seen in kids schools or pre-schools, playgrounds are a form of entertainment for children when they feel bored in class. There are various entertainment and play areas, such as swings, slides, jungle gyms still play a role but many schools are adding new unique elements to engage children during play time.

Currently the school playground is also equipped with games which are also outdoor learning areas. We’ve gone for a roundup of playgrounds and we’ve found a lot of creative ideas where kids can play as well as learn. From sensory trails, educational boards, outdoor stages, to water walls. If you happen to be looking for playground ideas for school or just want to add some games, here are some pictures and tips for you!


Playground location

Choosing a location is very important because here the school will plan the playground. It doesn’t have to be big, but it’s safe for children to use, you don’t even have to hire the services of an architect or landscape designer. Choose a location that is free from distractions, try to also have natural shade, where you can position the seating area and the blackboard in a way to keep it protected from the sun. Make sure the playground is accessible to all students, avoid areas that require students to go up or down stairs, and steep slopes. The playground path will help students get to the location, so make it using a stone or cement path.



Placing a blackboard really helps to make the outdoor learning atmosphere smoother. Studying outdoors will feel more fun in a natural atmosphere. To find a good whiteboard, call a local company and order heavy gauge aluminum signs with dry erase coating. You can mount the whiteboard on a freestanding pole for easy moving when you don’t need it. However, to save costs, the chalkboard can be affixed to an outdoor structure or to an outside wall.



Seating is an important thing that you need. It could be a shared bench or individual chairs depending on the learning concept being carried out. If you are creative enough, create DIY bench or chair projects with natural elements like logs, wooden benches, stumps and many more. Although not very portable, stumps can be moved as needed.


Gaming area

Finally, schools must provide play areas so that breaks are more enjoyable. You can shade around the play area with a canopy or pergola, or build it out in an open space for a wider play area. There are many playground ideas that you can try, such as natural playgrounds, educational playgrounds, or forest games.

Find more playground school ideas below!

















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