20+ Functional IKEA Nordli Hack With Extra Storage


IKEA is one of the most favorite products every year. The reason is, all of their collections can be hacked and combined with other IKEA furniture products so that we can always find something new from old furniture. Nordli is one of those pieces of furniture that provides a great basis for creativity. With a little effort offset by strong furniture, and high aesthetic value, you can hack Nordli for various household uses.

IKEA is known for its minimalist designs and Nordli is one of them. It has a basic design style which means it gives you a blank canvas to do more of the hacks you need. Nordli is made of particleboard and fiberboard, while its acrylic paint surface makes it easier to paint. Unlike most IKEA products, they usually have a laminate finish on wood or plywood, which can cause problems when we want to paint it.

Nordli is actually a series of storage units that can be transformed into any shape. The design is minimalist and can be adapted to any room size. Given Nordli’s being a functional furniture option, here are some Nordli IKEA hacks that give you extra storage!

IKEA Nordli Furniture Hack


We think there are no limits to how you should use IKEA Nordli. There are many options available to you. The easiest way is to just stack them in a pattern to suit the room, then customize the drawer fronts with paint and vinyl coverings. The most popular idea is to turn into an IKEA hacking table. Simply place it in the area you want to get a desk as well as additional storage space. Nordli is also practical as a dresser or use as a TV stand that gives it a Scandinavian style.

Adding legs to Nordli also gives it a unique look. Nordli storage unit can also function as a dresser, plant table, bedside table or even a handy kids study desk. They are also great for storing toys in the playroom. Its size and style make it a functional and affordable solution for parents.











IKEA Nordli Bed Hack


Nordli was made as a storage room, but before that many people hacked it into a loft bed. Luckily, now IKEA has added the latest IKEA bed range from Nordli. Having a sizeable size of 160 x 200 cm, this is also a storage unit with 3 and 6 spacious drawers. Being at the bottom of the bed makes it hidden to store your various equipment such as clothes, blankets, shoes and other items.

Nordli bed is more than just a comfortable place to sleep. Even though it was designed head-on and only consists of one color variant, namely white. Its modern design is suitable for elegant and minimalist style spaces, also suitable for those of you who need more storage space in the bedroom.










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