20 Rustic Christmas Table Settings With Natural Tones


Want a cozy and inviting Christmas atmosphere? Try a rustic Christmas style especially for table settings. These decorations truly remind us of the Christmas spirit that we may have missed, bringing memories of the past and inspired by natural nuances. A rustic Christmas table setting is easy to make and very budget-friendly because most of the items you need for decoration are already around you. You can use various objects and items, for example pine trees, burlap, pine branches and twigs, pine cones, berries, and so on.

To provide a cozy Christmas table atmosphere, you need something traditional such as the use of red, green, pine cone centerpieces, candles, and maybe a reindeer figurine. A dining table with a rustic wood texture is ideal for a rustic Christmas setting. You don’t even need a tablecloth, you can also take a table centerpiece in a wooden planter. Christmas ball ornaments in warm colors, cinnamon as part of the decoration, and don’t forget the burlap napkin holders. This is a stunning idea for a rustic Christmas table setting.


Choose a color

You are free to choose any color you like, moody and dark colors for a rustic table with a Nordic feel, neutral colors are timeless and very popular for an intimate Christmas atmosphere. You can also add traditional styles such as green, red, and white with metallic touches, monochromatic black, gray, or even a warm color palette with a natural touch.


Natural decoration

Rustic Christmas table settings are all about natural details, and these are the ones you need to highlight. Wood sliced placemats, lots of greenery and greenery, mini Christmas trees in pots and vases, pinecones, berries, even pears, apples and pomegranates as centerpieces can be prioritized. Tree stumps and moss can also be used to create a cool centerpiece with candles and some rustic blooms like hydrangeas. These types of flowers will give a more vintage look to the Christmas table, and other greenery will give a natural feel.


Rustic touch

Rustic decorations are very popular for Christmas parties and table settings. So, try to accentuate the style with rustic details like antlers, buffalo squares and plaid linens, woven placemats and stands, bells and ornaments, and of course candles to create a calming mood. Another idea, using candle lanterns made of wood, will also give a beautiful rustic feel to the tablescape.

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