20 Trendiest Book Storage Ideas For Limited Space


I’m one of those people who likes to collect whatever I love, especially anything related to books. As a book lover, it was really fun because books will always have a special place in my heart. No matter how easy it is for us to access e-books or find our favorite novels on the internet, for me nothing can replace the smell of the pages of a book when you open it over and over again. But sometimes our love of books can get messy very quickly, especially if you live in a confined area.

Without realizing it, a book suddenly becomes a small pile and the pile accumulates over time to become a sloping tower of books. This applies to anyone whose love of books doesn’t even matter how much space they have to occupy the house. But if you have way more to store your favorite books, why not make them popular for small spaces? A collection of your favorite books can turn into the trendiest displays and really save space.

With the right arrangement and decoration, you can turn your reading nook into a cozy oasis where you can relax without distraction. Check out these practical book storage ideas!


Take advantage of unexpected areas

If you’re short on space, try thinking outside the box to turn unexpected areas into stylish book storage solutions. Think about areas that may not be used often but have great potential for storage, such as corners, walls, or placing them under furniture. Some creative people even create built-in storage for their favorite collection of books, or incorporate book storage with existing decorations. Another idea, you can stack books vertically or horizontally and then arrange them neatly according to your own taste.


Part of the furniture

Sometimes we don’t really need a bookshelf to have a stylish storage solution. For example, choose furniture with storage areas where you can store more books. A wooden bench is the perfect solution for storing books, a handy coffee table, or a repainted vintage wardrobe can be a cool and unexpected place.


Floor-to-ceiling bookcases

Take advantage of high ceilings if you have them, then consider wall units that reach the ceiling. Not only can you store your books there, but you can also display your valuables, travel items, art and more. Add some color and style to a wall bookshelf. Be creative with how you display your books. Put up stylish bookmarks, decorations with uneven heights, or framed photos. Season with some color. Little touches can make a big difference to your bookshelf.


Always thinking creatively

There is no limit to how you should create a book storage solution. Think about how you can incorporate your personal style, taste, and personality into your book depository. You can order your books by color to make your room more attractive. Mix sizes, colors and textures for added impact.

See more storage ideas for your favorite books below!

















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