22 Refreshing Vines Decor Ideas For Bathroom


Adding houseplants has proven to be effective in beautifying and refreshing the room. However, what if the room you have is really narrow? The solution lies in choosing the right type of plants such as vines. This type of plant is not only space-saving but also gives a lush impression to the room, especially if you add it to the bathroom.

The presence of houseplants in the bathroom is very popular even though it has its own challenges. Apart from being a narrow area, the bathroom is a humid area so it is not suitable for several types of ornamental plants. The key, you need to choose plants that are able to control the humidity level in the bathroom, and there are many types of vines that you can use.

In this post I have collected various vines decorating ideas for bathrooms. You will see how these plants can work in the bathroom to make the atmosphere more comfortable and inviting. Get inspired!


What Are Vines?

Vines are a popular type of plant because of their ease. Besides being easy to care for, this plant also does not require a large area. As the name implies, vines grow by climbing using tendrils, hanging in the air, or crawling on the ground by twisting their own stems. Vines can look very pretty when properly cared for both indoors and outdoors.


Types Of Vines

In contrast to houseplants in general, vines need a high place so that their growth can be maximized. Then, what are the types of vines? If you want to use it in the bathroom, there are several types of vines that you can choose from, such as English ivy, philodendron, pothos, betel leaf plant, creeping fig, begonia, and many more. You can choose vines according to the climate and environment of your residence.


Bathroom Vines Décor

Vines are very easy and practical to beautify the appearance of the bathroom. First, you can hang the vines on the bathroom wall or ceiling and then let the vines grow long down. However, keep in mind you have to prune it occasionally so that the growth of the vines remains beautiful and regular.

Second, use a plant pot and place it on the floor or corner of the bathroom. Then add a support in the pot as a climbing medium for plants. Pots are very efficient because you can move them to any area of the bathroom to kill boredom. Another idea, you can place vines on the bathroom wall shelf. A green and fresh impression will be an attraction on the shelf and add a beautiful visual when you are in the bathroom.

Check out more of your favorite bathroom vine ideas below!




















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