23 Minimalist Home Office Design With Scandinavian Accents


If you’re looking for the most cozy home office design for a small space, just add a Scandinavian accent that will set your mood and spirits while working. Scandinavian design is very popular now, this style can change the appearance of a room to make it look more aesthetic. Simplicity combined with maximum functionality creates extra comfort, especially in the workspace.

Scandinavian home offices offer comfort, which blends with a modern, minimalist look and relies more on function. So, this style is intended for small rooms that are here to keep up with developments and urban lifestyles as they are today.

The Nordic style is very easy to apply to the home office, you don’t even need complicated settings just to add this style. If you are interested in how to design a workspace with a Scandinavian accent, here are some tips and inspiration for you to try at home!


Get to know Scandinavian interior design

Scandinavian or Nordic style and interior design began to develop in the early 20th century. Mixing old and new styles from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Norway. Starting to be used around the 1950s, Scandinavian interiors began to be in great demand, especially in America and Canada. So it’s not surprising, this style is often associated with mid-century modern designs which share many common features. Scandinavian interior design still appreciates and appreciates and incorporates elements from various crafts, without reducing the elegant appearance of the room. This style is simple and minimal, functional and accessible, and provides extra comfort.


Scandinavian color accents

Scandinavian home offices feature a signature neutral color scheme. Bright room decor, and lighter wall colors to make the room feel more spacious. This backdrop allows the furniture piece to serve as an accent, to make a statement, as well as interest and contrast with the style of the interior. So, when you’re looking to add color to your workspace, think earth, stone and wood with splashes of warmer hues.

Black and white is also a hallmark of the Scandinavian style. This color combination is timeless, but you can mix it with natural elements such as wooden furniture or indoor plants to make the atmosphere even more refreshing. Another idea, use bright colors that don’t catch the eye like pastel colors.


Scandinavian décor and furniture

When it comes to home office décor, I think it should match your style and personality. The comfort factor really determines the outcome of your work, especially the most important thing is to choose furniture that can make you feel at home for long in front of your computer or laptop. Scandinavian furniture is truly versatile and practical, it is also functional which is much needed in a home office. Scandinavian furniture, lighting and other functional items must have a modern look while keeping it simple. You can also add handmade accents, such as woven crafts or decorative displays that look amazing even with the simplest designs. Choose furniture and wood items in bright colors to bring you closer to nature. Another great idea, add candles, rugs, storage baskets and so much more.

Check out more of our favorite Scandinavian home office designs below!





















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