7 Decor To Make Your Living Room More Stylish


The living room is often used as a central area in the house. Apart from being a place to receive guests, this room is also a favorite room for every family to gather and relax. That is why, the living room decoration must be made as attractive as possible so it does not feel monotonous. Just adding a few decorative elements and bold color combinations, already gives a different mood to the living room.

Before you choose a new living room design, pay attention to the interior accents that are in the room so it doesn’t look crowded and messy. In the following, we have collected 7 decorations to make the living room more stylish. Also get some tips that give a new atmosphere in your home.

1. Selection of sofas

Choosing a different sofa design will be the center of attention in your living room. Adjust the material, size and color of the sofa with the style of the living room so that you have the right composition. You don’t need to follow the trends that are developing, the most important thing is that the sofa design must match the concept of your room.


2. Pattern in the rug

Try playing with unusual patterns and colors when you want to add a rug. The unique pattern rugs will give a different touch when you place any furniture on it. The combination of plaid and abstract motifs with bright colors can give a bright atmosphere to the room.


3. Mini decorations from ceramics

Don’t let the shelves or tables in the living room look empty. You can decorate it with mini-sized decorations such as vases or ceramics made of clay. This decoration has various forms with unique aesthetics that you can buy or make yourself at home.


4. Colored coffee table

Consider when you want to add a coffee table, such as choosing the size, color, and placement composition so as not to cause a mess. Like this colored coffee table which will be the focal point in the room.


5. Sofa cushions

Apart from choosing a sofa design, sofa cushions give a more stylish impression to your living room. The combination of various motifs and colors makes the living room decor more elegant. In addition, sofa cushions also provide comfort when you want to relax.


6. Carved candles

If you don’t like fragrances, carved candles can be the right choice for living room decoration. Place the carved candles on a coffee table or side table for a fancy look and easy to move around.


7. Indoor plants

Bringing a natural atmosphere to the living room has proven to be an effective way to freshen up the room. Green your living room with various types of your favorite ornamental plants. Place it on a table, corner, or wall shelf.



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