7 Easy Ways To Create A Cat Balcony Garden

Starting from when I found an abandoned kitten, and now it has become part of our family. Maybe, it’s been about five months since then without us knowing it has become a habit of living with pets. Among the many areas in the house, somehow our cat prefers to be on the balcony. However, it is undeniable that spending time on the balcony with pets is really fun. Here we often see each other in the evening or just accompany me to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. So, we wanted to create a cat-friendly balcony for everyone and pets to enjoy.

Firstly, I can say that the balcony must be completely safe for pets. As we know, cats are animals that like to climb, so it will be dangerous if you don’t install protection. In addition to the fence, you can add a safety net or wire. Because every balcony and every cat is different and may require a different approach to feline protection. And today I also want to show you a cat balcony garden that I love, and they are totally cat-friendly.

We want to grow some herbs and vegetables on the balcony. So, after all, nothing is toxic to cats. Here I also want to pamper the cat even more by giving an extra corner on the balcony. Since I think cats really like some plants, maybe this is the perfect time to give them a little fun and some privacy. Here are some cat balcony garden ideas and a few tips you might like!

1. Grass beds


I always love how cats take a nap, they really look cute. So, nothing is better than setting up a comfortable cat bed. This bed is made of warm grass for pets. You can actually grow grass in containers or make it out of soft artificial grass.

2. Cat balcony deck with vines


The balcony deck gives a natural and safe feel like being in a garden. Cats love to be on deck because they think they are in a natural environment. However, the vines here are a practical solution for keeping your cat safe.

3. Shelf cat with plants


This standing shelf design not only gives you extra bigger storage space, but also makes a fun cat shelf. In addition to placing baskets or buckets, you can also make a cat rack at the top of the shelf. Decorate the balcony with cat-friendly plants to make the atmosphere feel more refreshing.

4. Cat balcony garden with wooden crates


Choosing plants that are suitable for cats will make your cat feel at home. For example, grass, gamander, valerian and catnip paints are the easiest to care for. Also put crates as plant shelves, or cat play areas to naps.

5. Cat balcony landscape


If your balcony is wide, make a balcony landscape that cats like. A large balcony will be a fun cat play area. In addition, you can plant any type of ornamental plant you want. Not only cat-friendly plants, but also other plants such as flowers or large plants.

6. Cat balcony shelf with hanging plants


Cat balcony shelves are especially effective for small balconies. You can make your own from pieces that are attached to the wall. Apart from cat shelves, also add hanging plants to beautify the wall area.

7. Cat tree with natural nuances


This cat tree is sure to please every pet. Transform your balcony into a natural cat play area by adding a cat tree. In addition, decorate the balcony area with lots of houseplants. In addition, you can install a net or wire in the fence area to make it more secure.


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