7 Modern And Minimalist Bookshelf Design You’ll Love

Books are still the choice of many people amid the rise of electronic books or e-books. The reason is, there’s a comforting feeling when you sink with a good book, and I feel that the smell of paper always brings nostalgia to my childhood. For book fans, being able to see and enjoy their collection of books that are neatly arranged on the shelves has become a special satisfaction. You can also choose a modern and minimalist bookshelf design so that your reading corner looks more beautiful.

Having a reading nook with an attractive bookshelf design can generate enthusiasm and interest in reading. So, it’s no wonder that many people are trying to find a bookshelf that best suits their interior style. Besides making reading time more comfortable, this bookcase inspiration also won’t take up much space in the house. Let’s check!

1. Open Bookshelf


The first bookshelf idea you can consider is an open bookcase. The open concept makes it easy for you to find or save your favorite book. This bookcase design is also suitable to be part of home decor so it fits in the living room or family room.

2. Corner Bookshelf


As the name implies, corner bookshelves are usually located in the corner of the room, making it more space-saving. You can add chairs and reading lamps so that corner bookshelves are very popular as reading rooms at home.

3. Ladder Bookshelf


The ladder bookshelf design has a shape that resembles a ladder with a certain slope. For those of you who like unique rooms and contemporary styles, this bookshelf is worth considering. Its characteristic is that it is attached to the wall with a frame that is tilted but the shelves remain horizontal.

4. Bookshelf Room Divider


This bookshelf design has a cube shape that is neatly arranged. Each section has the same height and area. Usually this bookcase design is often used as a room divider that separates the reading room from other rooms.

5. Industrial Bookshelf


Industrial bookshelves seem timeless. Even though it is industrial in style, it still looks modern with the right arrangements. Framed in metal with shelves in a wood tone, this bookshelf design is perfect for a men’s reading room.

6. Glass Bookshelf


Glass bookshelves are the best choice for those of you who like a minimalist style. Usually this bookcase is in the form of a cupboard with a quality stainless steel frame. The advantage of glass bookcases is that your book collection will be protected from dust and dirt because they are in a glass cabinet.

7. Built-in bookshelf


For narrow spaces or limited space, you can still add bookshelves that are no less charming. Choose a built-in shelf design that blends into the wall of the room. This bookshelf design will not take up much space in the house. In addition, the room also feels more spacious because there is no additional furniture.


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