7 Simple Ways To Decorate Exposed Brick Walls


Exposed brick walls are always the main attraction in the room. It doesn’t matter if it’s old or new, natural red or covered in paint, exposed brick walls seem timeless. However, are you going to leave the brick wall just like that? Brick walls also need a touch of decoration to enhance any interior, and today I want to give you a few tips to make a room a feature of your own. Also, you will find the easiest way to drill it for hanging and placing other decorations before painting the bricks.

Even though it already has an attractive textured appearance, brick walls still need to be decorated occasionally. An empty brick wall will certainly make your room style a little boring. So, add decor elements that match your style as part of a space statement. Here are seven simple ways to add complementary accents to the most beautiful of exposed brick walls.

1. Open Wall Shelf


Just because a brick wall already has a beautiful appearance, doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of the available area. Instead of covering it with a large bookshelf, leave it uncovered with a wall shelf. To complete the industrial style, choose open shelving in wood and metal.

2. Large Mirror


To make a room feel more spacious, consider placing a large mirror against a brick wall. Want to add depth and beauty? Place a mirror on top of a dresser or small table in front of the large pieces.

3. Bright Color Accents


Colorful artwork and furniture make brick walls look more cheerful. Without going overboard, you only need one or two pieces of furniture to draw attention visually.

4. String Lights


Exposed brick walls are often the choice of many people for bedrooms. The reason is, besides giving a down-to-earth look, brick walls also add serenity to the room. To be more relaxed, add string lights as part of the decoration.

5. Gallery Walls


Gallery walls are a great addition to any accent wall, especially if you’re displaying them against an exposed brick wall. The color contrast on the brick wall will add personality to the wall gallery you are showing off.

6. Wood Accents And Greenery


To emphasize a natural accent on a brick wall, complement it with lots of wood and plant elements. Incorporate wood accents such as picture frames, shelves, stairs and side tables. And most importantly, surround the walls with lots of greenery.

7. Paint A Brick Wall


If you find a brick wall boring and want to add a bit of vibrancy, use wall paint to coat it. Not only will it give a completely different look but it will also change the mood of the room.


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