7 Simple Ways To Decorate Korean Style Bedrooms

If we talk about bedroom styles, what do young people like most? I can say that the Korean aesthetic bedroom is a style that is still being sought after. Its simple yet elegant design makes many people, especially women fall in love with this bedroom design. Apart from being influenced by K-Pop cultural trends, Korea has also stolen the world’s attention through its various collections of films and dramas.

A bedroom with a Korean style is indeed very cute, minimalist, and looks neat. So, for those of you who are currently looking for bedroom references or want to make your room feel more comfortable, here I have collected several ways to decorate a Korean-style bedroom. Let’s see

1. Day Curtain


Day curtains or better known as sheer curtains, are curtains made of light and soft materials. Because it is thin, this type of curtain allows sunlight to enter the room naturally. The entry of this natural light will make the room feel fresher and less stuffy. The use of day curtains also gives a minimalist look and provides additional lighting during the day.

2. Neutral Color


Korean aesthetic rooms generally use a lot of bright color accents on the walls, such as beige, white, gray, beige, or taupe. This color choice will make your bedroom feel more spacious, clean, and minimalist.

3. Wooden Furniture


Furniture made of wood is a mandatory item that must be present in a Korean bedroom. You can place various types of wooden furniture, ranging from beds, tables, chairs, shelves, to the bedroom floor. This wood material is believed to give a warm and natural impression so that small rooms feel more cozy.

4. Mirror


A large mirror will give a more spacious impression to a small bedroom. Place a large mirror in one corner of the room so that it doesn’t take up much space and can make the room brighter during the day because it can reflect light. You can choose a large mirror with a natural wood frame to further accentuate the impression of a Korean aesthetic room.

5. Indoor Plants


Like a fresh look in the bedroom? Just add some of your favorite indoor plants or houseplants. For Korean bedrooms, place plants in small to medium-sized pots, then place them in the corner of the room or wall shelves.

6. Rugs


When decorating a Korean-style bedroom, it’s not complete without adding a rug. This is a decoration element that will make the room look sweeter, more comfortable, and more eye-catching. Choose a neutral colored rug to match Korean aesthetic bedroom.

7. String Light


Lighting is very effective for creating a Korean-style bedroom. In addition to table lamps and standing lamps, you can beautify your bedroom by adding string lights. Install this type of lamp on a mirror, curtain, headboard or wall, which can make the room look warmer.


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