7 Simple Ways To Make Your Bedroom Coziest


The bedroom is not just a place to sleep and rest, this area is also a favorite place to relax after a long day of activities. However, unknowingly the bedroom you live in still incorporates elements that actually disturb rest and indirectly increase stress. There are several considerations when you want to decorate a bedroom without making mistakes, such as choosing lighting, good quality furniture, using a comfortable type of mattress, or applying the right color accents to make the atmosphere feel more coziest.

Cozy bedrooms usually implement a minimalist design with a simple concept. Apart from being easy to set up, this bedroom idea is able to accommodate the need for rest both physically and mentally for the occupants. The application of the right decoration will later be useful to refresh your body, including expelling the stress that is often experienced by those of you who live in urban areas. In the following, we have collected some simple ways to make your bedroom more comfortable, stress-free, and encourage you to get back on your feet.

1. Neutral Color

Give a soothing color accent to your bedroom. The choice of neutral colors such as white, light gray or cream will make the bedroom feel more spacious. It feels cozy, although you can also apply a color accent that is still soft in tone, such as beige, light blue, or olive green, which can refresh the room.


2. Best Quality

Avoid giving furniture or decorations that are cheap but of poor quality. Instead, try to invest in good quality bedroom products, including sheets, blankets, pillows and carpets of the highest quality.


3. Texture Blend

Mixing textures is highly recommended to create a more comfortable atmosphere. This texture can subtly enhance the appearance of your bedroom so that it is not boring. For example, applying white accents with a combination of plain walls and brick walls.


4. Wood Element

Wood elements are not only a good material to enhance the appearance of a bedroom. This element also brings a natural atmosphere into the room. Wood elements are able to give a warm and calm impression that can be manifested in the selection of furniture, flooring, and decorations.


5. Mirror

Get a wider bedroom dimension just by placing a large mirror. Place a mirror with a unique design on the right or left of the bedroom, even the corner of the room will look beautiful by adding a mirror.


6. Lighting

The fatal mistake that many people make in the bedroom is placing the lighting that is too flashy. If your bedroom already has a main light on the ceiling, you should provide additional, softer lighting. Install indirect lighting, such as using LED strip lights, string lights, or bedside lamps.


7. Plain Curtains

Choose curtains without a pattern with a choice of white, pale gray, and the like. Apart from feeling timeless, using plain curtains can inject bright colors into the bedroom while at the same time giving the illusion of a tall room so it seems more spacious.



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