7 Ways To Make A Kid-Friendly And Fun Bathroom


Designing a room that has children must consider many things, especially the safety factor. Among the many rooms in the house, maybe the bathroom is the area where children fall or get injured the most, so you need to make it child-friendly. Besides safety factors, the key to the success of a kid-friendly bathroom must be to make it truly attractive, practical, and functional

You need to know, one of the problems when children use the bathroom is usually because of the size of the furniture and storage areas that are large and difficult to reach. So, find ways for your child to reach objects easily, such as installing a lower towel rail, or providing a stool.

Here are some tips and ideas for creating a kid-friendly bathroom. It’s sure to keep things fun, easy to reach, and well organized.

1. Choose a kids bathroom theme


The first step in designing a child’s bathroom is to choose a theme that your little one likes. If you have both a boy and a girl, make sure the designs are suitable for all genders, such as oceans, space, beaches or animals. This theme is timeless, so it remains suitable for use until they grow up.

2. Easy to reach storage area


To make it easier for your little one, children’s things should be stored at the bottom. When they see that things are small and orderly and arranged at the right height, the bath routine will be more enjoyable. Add adjustable storage, such as pegboards, to find and reorder the toiletries they need.

3. Provide a bathroom step stool


Step stools will make it easier for children to participate in brushing their teeth and washing their hands. With the right bench height, kids can see themselves in the mirror just like you do. In addition, make sure the bench can withstand heavy loads so that it is safe when used by children.

4. Attractive bathroom curtain


For children, the shower curtain is more of an interesting decoration. Choose a pattern or color that suits your little one’s wishes to make their bath time even more enjoyable. It’s also a great way to create a kid-friendly bathroom in just a few minutes.

5. Safe bath mat


If there is a bathtub in the bathroom, then add a bathroom rug that is safe for your little one. Kids will likely spend a lot of time in the tub. So, adding rugs is essential to prevent them from slipping in the bathroom.

6. Accessories with kids characters


A kid-friendly bathroom should have lots of elements that kids love. In this case bathroom accessories with various children’s characters are mandatory items that must be in their bathroom. From boat-shaped soap dispensers to adorable animal-shaped storage containers, everything has to be sterile and safe for your little one.

7. Lay out a artwork


Hang a poster or words that contain motivation in the child’s bathroom. This sign can be used to inspire them when taking a shower or brushing their teeth. Apart from buying it, you can also make it yourself with printed letters or paint it and then add a frame.


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