How To Make Fun Playroom In Under The Stairs


Space limitations, especially for those of you who have children at home, make it difficult for them to play indoors. However, if you have a cupboard full of stuff under your stairs then your problem is totally solved. The area might not be very big but it is very practical to decorate and customize. The empty space under your stairs can easily be used as a children’s playroom, playhouse, to a storage area for all their needs.

For some reason, the space under the stairs is often an empty or neglected area, not even a few people just use it as a warehouse or closed storage area. Meanwhile, the existence of stairs certainly takes up a lot of space in the house, so you need to maximize all the functions of the room. Not only thinking creatively for the room, but you also have to outsmart the area of the stairs so that it can be maximized.

The empty space under the stairs can easily be used as a playroom so the kids have some time to themselves. Than just a game zone, study room, or comfortable nap area. Here are some tips for creating a kids playroom under the stairs, please scroll down!


Maximize every area under the stairs

It doesn’t matter how small the area under your stairs is, it can be maximized with the right decoration. Make simple arrangements to place children’s items or furniture so they don’t take up too much space. Also take advantage of a blank wall as a functional storage area so that children can easily find whatever they need. By minimizing décor you can easily make the area under the stairs a fun and inspiring space for children to play, create and be themselves.


As a storage room for kids

You can use the small space under your stairs as a kids storage room. Starting from storing toys, school equipment, to a functional bookshelf. Usually your little ones have a lot more stuff than us adults, and if their bedroom is too small to accommodate all their needs then the area under the stairs is the best alternative you can try. Add easy wall storage, storage boxes, or open cupboards for your little ones to keep their own things.


Kids reading nook

What better way to get your little one interested in reading than creating a fun playroom? Building a reading nook under the stairs will be great for children to curl up with their favorite book. Adding a comfortable reading chair or floor mattress for your little one, a bookshelf, or a small bookcase is also very practical to save space. As well as being a reading nook, this area can quickly turn into a fun play space.


Playroom under the stairs

The presence of a playroom under the stairs can actually be a way to create creative and educative home designs. Your little one will feel more at home in the house and realize their imagination in the playroom they want. There are many easy ways you can apply to create a children’s playroom under the stairs. For example, an open play room is great for younger children because you can always supervise them while playing, while for older children you can implement a closed play room or build a playhouse to give them more privacy. Whatever playroom ideas you need, find your favorite playroom below!











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