How To Make Unique Terrariums Integrated With Furniture


Having an outdoor garden is great, but what if you live in an apartment or urban area that doesn’t allow outdoor gardening? For those who are creative there are many ways to channel their gardening hobby, and one of them is by making terrarium garden ideas.

Some of you must have heard the term terrarium, and today we are discussing creative ways to integrate it into decorations and furniture. Well, if you are interested or need something refreshing at home, terrarium garden ideas are worth considering.

Know what is terrarium?

According to his understanding, terrariums can be interpreted as plants that are in closed or semi-closed glass containers that are used to create mini gardens or micro ecosystems. They can be made in all shapes, sizes, and can be designed to suit a wide variety of plants whether tropical or succulent.


The advantages of growing a terrarium

There are several advantages to growing terrariums when compared to other types of indoor plants, one of which is that they are relatively low maintenance. Because the container is closed, the plant can regulate humidity levels that are beneficial for certain types of plants. Terrariums also make a great way to grow moss and miniature plants, which may not survive in a typical indoor environment. With their small size and low light requirements, terrariums are a great choice for creating a miniature forest, or garden that can be enjoyed up close.

Succulents and cacti are the most popular plants for making terrariums. Both types of plants do well in normal indoor environments, while other plants may need special care, such as a drier environment or more sunlight. A terrarium can provide a controlled environment that is better suited to the needs of these types of plants, allowing them to thrive indoors


How to make a terrarium

Making a terrarium will not be as difficult as you think. You only need a few basic materials, such as a glass container with a lid or lid. You can opt for a container with an open top, but keep in mind that this will require more frequent watering and maintenance.

Next, you’ll need a layer of gravel or gravel to create drainage at the bottom of the container. On top of the gravel, you will add a layer of activated charcoal to keep the soil fresh and prevent odor. Lastly, you will need your potting soil and the plants of your choice.


Integrate into furniture

Here the terrarium is not only a decoration or beautifying the interior, but has become part of the furniture. Combining furniture with terrariums has proven effective in giving a unique look to any style of space. You can place it on a table, lamp, or even a cupboard with a terrarium garden inside. In addition, make sure one side or surface is made of glass so that it can be enjoyed at any time while also allowing sunlight to enter it.

Here are some terrarium inspirations that you can try at home!






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