IWI Cabin: Collapsible Shed Design For Limited Space


IWI is able to adjust to your room, and as we know, limited land is one of the problems that never gets resolved. Do you need a place to work, relax, read, meet, or whatever that extra space is? Maximizing your space is something everyone living in a big city should do. And one of the smart solutions for getting extra space is the IWI cabin which contains everything you need inside without losing the valuable outdoor space.

Designed by Ecuador-based Juan Ruiz and Amelia Tap. The cabin is designed to be an accordion-shaped shed. The IWI cabin is an innovative cabin that maximizes space that can be compressed and expanded. This is a great solution for expanding space in an urban apartment or giving it the living space you need. This cabin is very practical and foldable, its overall size even occupies almost 91 square feet, and when folded only occupies 26 square feet. This cabin is easy for anyone to operate because the owner can push and pull the shed, this is also thanks to the fast and efficient wheel system.


Despite its small size, IWI cabin is claimed to be able to fulfill various needs. From home offices, leisure areas, yoga studios, meeting rooms, even comfortable places to relax whenever you want. You can place it on the roof, garden or other outdoor area. The exterior is resistant to wind, rain and sunlight. The interior is furnished with cork and sheep’s wool to keep the air temperature in the room warm.

Not to forget, this warehouse is also equipped with built-in shelves, drawers and a compact kitchenette. There is an electricity and water system, so it can be used as an emergency homestead. If you are interested in having this cabin at home, IWI cabin has a pretty high price tag, but I think it’s worth it for its compact and functional design.












designer: Juan Ruiz and Amelia Tap


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