Room Inspiration: 20 Black And White Interior Design


There is something beautiful in finding a black and white designed space in the interior. These are classic colors that never go out of style, combined with the fact that most of them are rendered in a minimalist manner that I fell in love with. Black and white interior design has always been one of the favorites, the combination of these two colors is always suitable for any room style.

Apart from being included in neutral colors, black and white can give a clean and classic interior appearance. Even though it seems easy, decorating a black and white room is actually quite difficult, especially if you want to maximize the appearance. The reason is, because the room only consists of two colors, so sometimes it feels boring.

A black and white room does have its drawbacks, but this color combination still has a place in the hearts of many people, so you only need to apply it according to function, size and design. Here are some tips that can help you if you want to try a black and white interior.


Get enough lighting

A black room makes the atmosphere feel darker and feels stuffy. However, you can work around this with the right lighting to make it feel brighter. In addition to providing plenty of natural light during the day, try to use a lamp that has the right lighting for night and day. You can also add decorative lights while still adjusting the function of the room. Fortunately, the white color will help reflect light so that the room feels more spacious.


Black and white space application

There are many ways to make your room look modern and minimalist, one of which is by applying a black and white interior. In order not to feel monotonous, you should use black and white with a ratio of 70/30. For example, large, colorful furniture can be balanced against a white background on walls and floors. Not only does it look harmonious, any room also looks pleasing to the eye with a concept like this.


Color play on furniture

Color accents or playing with motifs is the easiest way to create a black and white interior. Add black or white furniture against a different background, such as sofas, coffee tables, cabinets, pendant lamps and much more. To beautify it, you can also decorate it with matching colored accessories, such as pillow cases, carpets, curtains or decorative displays.


Wall décor and photo gallery

Black and white interiors often feel empty on the walls. To make it look more elegant, you can add wall decorations or photo galleries that enhance the appearance of the interior. Present interesting decorations such as paintings, posters, or photos of you and your family. Black and white photos with graphic art can be an alternative to black and white room decorations.


Combine with other colors

Building a black and white interior doesn’t mean you can’t add other color accents. Some small details in accessories such as gold, red, or brown make the room even more charming. You can also mix gray or beige in the furniture, make sure the other color combinations are not too flashy from the existing room concept.

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