Top 5 Laundry Room Layouts That You’ll Should Know


The laundry room is one of the functional spaces that every home should have. In fact, this laundry room sometimes becomes the central area that you use every day to wash and dry clothes. Even so, the routine carried out in the laundry room can feel boring, especially if the room you have is small. That is why arranging the layout of the laundry room can improve your mood and make it easier for you to do your activities in it.

Many of us often neglect the laundry room because it is not considered the main room. Of course, this can make the laundry room feel chaotic and seem messy. Creating a laundry room layout is essential when you want the space to be neat, organized, and have everything where it needs to be. In the following, we have collected the top 5 laundry room layouts that you can emulate when redecorating your laundry room to make it more organized and attractive.

1. Hallway Layout

As the name implies, this layout design has a shape like one with the hallway. Usually placed straight from one end to the other on one side of the wall. A laundry room layout like this is perfect for those of you who live in a tiny apartment or house.



2. L-shaped Layout

Add one cabinet line at the end to serve as legs for an L-shaped layout. You can fill this end using a washing machine or as a storage area. If you look closely, this layout design is shaped like the letter L attached to the wall.



3. U-shaped Layout

This laundry room layout is a combination of the two previous designs. However, you will need to add a corridor at the end of the L-shape to get a U-shaped layout. This design has a lot of advantages as there is more storage area.



4. Open Plan Layout

This layout is perfect for those of you who like an open concept with a relatively large room. There’s no rule that you have to build a laundry room like this one because it basically blends in with any style of space. The design depends on your taste, items and washing equipment can be placed in various corners of the room.



5. Hidden Layout

This layout is suitable for those of you who don’t have extra space to use as a laundry room at home. You can work around this by combining several rooms at the same time, such as a laundry room with a kitchen or bathroom. Try to keep the concepts of the two rooms almost the same, such as requiring the same equipment, water sources, and also water disposal. To make it look neater, you can even hide the washing machine in a cupboard or cabinet.




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