10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Indoor Staircase


For those of you who live in a multi-level house, stairs are the only main access point that connects one floor to another floor. However, when designing a home, stairs are often the most overlooked area. Even though the stairs seem narrow, without you realizing it, this is the path you take every day, so maybe it’s time to change it. Decorating stairs

is proven to help you add interest and personality to the room.

Forget the impression of a narrow and boring staircase, now you can make it more attractive and even a focal point in the room. From family photos and artwork to mirrors and wallpaper, there are many easy ways to decorate your stairs and walls. Start by figuring out what style best suits your personality and discover some amazing staircase ideas. Scroll down and get inspired!

1. Artwork


Artwork is one of the best ways to customize the appearance of a staircase. You can go all in, for example hanging pictures, artwork or even prints in a gallery-style setting. Keep in mind you also have to consider the overall layout of the room and choose parts that complement each other. Another idea, create a more eclectic look by mixing and matching different frames and sizes of artwork.

2. Family Photo


Family photos always look great and are an easy way to decorate the stairs at home. When hanging family photos, it’s important to fill the wall space so it doesn’t look monotonous. If you use photos as staircase wall decorations, make sure to use a variety of different sized and shaped frames or similar photo frames depending on your taste. A family photo gallery will not only beautify your stairs, but also capture every memory in your life’s journey.

3. Mirrors And Frames


Mirrors are proven to be effective for adding visual interest to your stair wall design. This decoration element can reflect light and help brighten the room. Mirrors also create a sense of depth and create a visual impression of space in the room. When choosing a mirror, look for one with an interesting frame or shape that will add to the aesthetics.

4. Wallpapers


Wallpaper may be a little expensive but it is great for decorating stair walls and can cover large empty spaces. There are many wallpaper patterns and colors to choose from, so you can adapt it to your style and personality. Use a bold pattern for the wallpaper and then build the rest of the wall around it. If you’re not sure which color to use, consider matching it to the rest of the room’s color scheme.

5. Wall Panels


Wall panels are a classic way to add interest and texture to stair walls. This decoration can create a rustic feel or make it feel more elegant. Choose the right type of wood panel for your room. If you like a traditional look, choose classic wainscoting and square panels and consider using them on the entryway walls too. For a contemporary style, you can choose abstract geometric patterns or even repeat rail patterns.

6. Wall Paint


Paint is an easy way to create a focal point on a stair wall. Try painting the walls a dark, contrasting color, and it will make it visually appealing. Consider the color with complementary stair wall textures or decorations. This is a great way to add personality to your stair walls.

7. Bookshelf


If you are someone who loves reading and has a large collection of books, this is the time to show off your collection. Adding a bookshelf on the stairs will certainly be very interesting. If you are skilled with tools, you can make your own bookshelf, but don’t underestimate the weight of books. Make sure you measure the room carefully and choose a suitable shelf design before starting construction.

8. Wall Murals


The stairs at home look plain and boring? Wall murals are the creative solution you need. There are many ways to make murals, from painting directly on the wall to using stickers. You can also use painter’s tape to create geometric wall paint designs.

9. Stair Runner


Apart from focusing on the walls of your stairs, complete the stairs and by placing a stair runner such as a rug or carpet on the floor. Besides adding style and comfort to the interior, stair runners can also protect stairs from wear and tear and prevent you from slipping. If you have carpeted stairs, it’s best to choose a rug that matches the existing carpet. If you have hardwood or tile stairs, you will have more freedom to choose the design that best suits your taste.

10. Indoor Plants


Adding plants to the room is not unusual because it can bring a touch of nature, but most people forget about one main area, namely the stairs. From hanging plants from the ceiling or placing them on every step, plants can brighten up even the most ordinary stairs. Mix and match different types of plants and implement some creative vertical garden solutions to liven up your stairs.


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