10 Outdoor Kids Playground Ideas For Summer

outdoor swing sets for summer

Entering the warmer months, let the children play outdoors with lots of fun. If you happen to have a garden or backyard, let them explore and have adventures outside. For parents, it’s time to work on creating a playground or updating an existing one. In this post, we have collected cool playground ideas with various parts and elements that you can imitate to make your child happy. So what is the ideal outdoor play area like? let’s look at it together.

The first thing, of course, is to consider what activities children like most and make a list of them to know what kind of playground you should add to your outdoor space. The most popular ideas are sandboxes, swings are also great for all ages, tree houses are always part of the adventure and don’t forget the tepee which gives them a fun shelter. Such ideas always attract the attention of children and inspire them to active movement.

Consider a play hut, fairy house or garden, mud kitchen or play cafe. Put in a chalkboard or outdoor play space, a mini vegetable garden, or a grocery store, depending on what games the kids really enjoy. Lastly, consider the style of your home and outdoor space, then continue when designing your kids room so that the appearance looks more cohesive. Here are some inspirations that you can try at home!

1. Outdoor picnic

kid friendly backyard for summer picnic

There is nothing more fun for children than a picnic under warm weather. Build a tent, take a blanket, carpet and some pillows to enjoy it with your family.

2. Kids nook

summer kids playground and friendly family area

In this stylish backyard, kids have their own playground, which also comes in bright, modern colors for a look that will make you jealous.

3. Tepee for all ages

backyard summer tepee ideas for kids

Add a full-size teepee for outdoor shelter. Your kids will love it as a place to hang out, you will even love it as a living room.

4. Playhouse

outdoor summer playhouse ideas

Nothing beats an outdoor playhouse. Equipped with a play area and also a hangout place for all family members. It’s really our favorite.

5. Natural playground

natural kids playground for summer

Let your kids play their favorite game. This playground is made entirely of natural materials such as boards and wood, which makes it child-friendly and also sturdy when children play there.

6. Water spray

fun water backyard play for summer

It seems every child loves playing in the water outdoors. If you have a garden spray, invite your little one to enjoy a fun bath with his friends.

7. A-frame cabin and study space

outdoor a frame house for kid play and study room

This open A-frame cabin is a favorite place for kids to play outdoors. Apart from that, children can also use it as a study room by adding tables and chairs. That way, your child will be more enthusiastic in learning.

8. Sandbox

outdoor sand box play area

Sandboxes seem to be a must-have outdoor play zone. This is a safe and budget-friendly playground.

9. Tree swing

summer kid swing ideas

If it’s not possible to install a hammock or hanging chair, just make a tree swing that kids will love. Even though it is simple, this fun will always be a precious moment when your child grows up.

10. Edible garden

outdoor kids market and garden can eat

Decades of gardening stories show that kids will love vegetables more if they help grow them. You can also build a small grocery store there that sells their garden produce.


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