20 Aesthetic Bedroom Villas Like A Holiday


Have plans for a holiday to the beach or villa? If your holidays are often hampered by busy schedules, try creating a villa-style bedroom design. As we know, villas are now a choice for accommodation because the atmosphere is still natural and even has a traditional feel. Usually these villas carry a modern concept with a unique ethnic touch, making them a special attraction. Plus the exotic natural environment adds to the selling point which invites many tourists to stay or just spend the weekend.

Then, can we apply the villa design to the residence, especially for the bedroom? Anyone will definitely love staying in this room with a strong holiday villa

feel. Plus, you don’t have to go to a tropical country or take a long vacation because now you can bring this tropical vibe into your own bedroom. Below we have summarized several tips for building a comfortable villa bedroom design that will tempt anyone to try. Let’s take a look at villa bedroom designs that are sure to surprise you and get inspired!


Sloping Ceiling Design

One of the things that characterizes a villa bedroom is the sloping roof design. Bedrooms usually apply a sloped ceiling design which exposes the ceiling structure in the room. This will give the impression of a tall and airy space. The shape of the ceiling is also unique because it consists of natural materials such as wood, bamboo and wicker.


Beds With Frame And Canopy

The bed design with a box frame creates a calming illusion when you rest in the villa room. In addition, the presence of this bed frame minimizes the feeling of excessive volume when in a room with a height greater than the standard room height in general. Canopies are usually added to protect from cold weather as most villa rooms have an open concept, in addition to adding visual appeal.


Connected To Outdoors

An open concept is often seen in villa rooms, apart from creating fresh air circulation and providing extraordinary outdoor views. A concept like this is indeed effective for reducing stress because you are connected directly to the outdoors. Many studies have proven that natural spaces can also increase endorphin levels and produce dopamine which helps create a feeling of happiness.


Strong Ethnic Touch

The exotic motifs and ethnic touches in the villa room design are unique elements that you can enjoy when you want to rest. However, so that it doesn’t seem monotonous, just combine several types of objects with the same character so that the decorative elements don’t seem excessive. For example, use pillows with different exotic motifs but still in the same color palette to decorate sofas, matching wooden furniture, or textiles that are still in the same pattern.

The following is a villa bedroom design that will attract your attention!

















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