More Cheerful, 23 Bright And Fun Study Room Ideas


The study room is one of the rooms in the house that needs to be designed as attractively as possible so that study time becomes more enthusiastic. Apart from pleasant decorations, comfortable furniture and a conducive study room atmosphere will keep your mood up for hours. Fortunately, creating a study space is an easy thing to do without having to spend a lot of money.

Actually, there are various ways to change the study room so that it is comfortable and looks beautiful. Starting from adding colors that make the mood more cheerful, functional furniture that makes learning activities easier, to the right decoration and accessories, the atmosphere of the room certainly increases motivation when studying or working.

If you are interested in designing your study room to make it look more cheerful, here are some easy tips and a collection of images that will make you fall in love. Get inspired!


Bright colorful scheme

Sometimes what makes us quickly bored or lazy about studying is because the atmosphere in the study room is gloomy and less than cheerful. So, you need to work around this to make the study room more enjoyable by adding colors to make you more enthusiastic about studying. By adding a variety of your favorite colors and creative knick-knacks to your study table, you will definitely feel happier. For example, pink for a girl’s study room, or blue for a boy’s room, you can even mix various neutral, pastel and neon colors to get the study room atmosphere you want.


Selection of functional furniture

The choice of furniture such as tables, chairs, cupboards and storage shelves in the study room also needs to be considered. It is best to choose a flexible and multifunctional study table so that the table can not only be used for studying, but also for various other activities. As we know, tables and chairs are important components in the study room. Tables and chairs must not only be functional, but can also make the study room look more attractive. Choose a table that is sturdy, stable and at a suitable height for use for long periods of time. Meanwhile, chairs in the study room must be comfortable and can adjust to the table. So, furniture in the study room must be truly ergonomic so that it is comfortable when used. Apart from that, also consider the design and color so that the study room looks more attractive.


Add bookcases

Don’t leave any empty areas in the study room, it’s best to place bookshelves or storage areas that don’t take up much space. Apart from being useful for filling space, bookshelves are also useful as storage space for various school equipment. Additionally, wall-mounted shelves are a great way to overcome space limitations.


Adjust the study room design to suit your personality

The study room is often a place where you spend quite a long time. Therefore, the interior design of the study room should be adjusted to your personality and desires. For example, add your favorite color that dominates most of the study room, photo gallery walls, valuable accessories, or any decorations that you think are impressive. Another idea, you can also add certain themes to the study room, such as music, sports, super hero characters, and many more, it all depends on your taste.

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