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The bathroom becomes a private area where you rinse your body, soak in warm water and pamper yourself before or after activities. However the bathroom can also be a very romantic place by combining the right decorations. Romantic bathroom ideas will be great for those of you who want to surprise your partner, especially before Valentine’s Day there will be lots of sweet things you can give to warm your relationship. Many people change their bathroom design to make it look fancy because they believe luxury will create a romantic feel and classy. Though not all of the luxury bathroom  [ Read More ]

I always had a dream house on the beach, it is very fortunate for those who live there, where the sun is so warm, surrounded by the sights of the sea. Inspired by the outdoor Hawaiian shower, I finally tried to bring the feel of the beach into the decor. Towards the end of winter, I really understood how the weather would get hotter quickly. So there is nothing better than cleaning yourself in an outdoor shower after a day of activities with all the hustle and bustle. I really wasn’t lucky to be living in Hawaii, we all know  [ Read More ]

Sometimes I think how lucky it is for those who live by the beach or mountains with amazing natural scenery. Outdoor shower has always been a common activity in beach houses, even a dip in the trees also become a routine that is always refreshing. Then what about those of you who live in cities or suburbs far from it all? The best way you can try to use your outdoor space, especially the backyard to make an outdoor bathroom. I see this trend emerging in locations that are locked mainland. The reason is, because there is nothing more relaxing  [ Read More ]

It is undeniable, the bathroom is one of the busiest places, especially in the morning. It usually occurred when you or a family member you want to start activities in the morning. So it is very important to arrange and arrange the bathroom as efficiently as possible so that your morning activities can run smoothly. Therefore, decorating the bathroom can not be arbitrary because this room can also be a place of relaxation when you go home to end the day or on weekends after long tiring days. Making the bathroom as comfortable as possible can give you valuable relaxing  [ Read More ]

Not all kids are easily invited to bathe, although bathing becomes a fun activity when they are already soaking. As a parent, I am very aware of the struggle often faced when bathing children, not to mention kids who are reluctant to brush their teeth, bath toys scattered on the floor, and many more things that sometimes make us frustrated. But you don’t give up yet, based on the experience that I’ve been through it turns out the kids are easy enough to direct us in some fun ways. This is a solution for parents using the right kids bathroom  [ Read More ]