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I always had a dream house on the beach, it is very fortunate for those who live there, where the sun is so warm, surrounded by the sights of the sea. Inspired by the outdoor Hawaiian shower, I finally tried to bring the feel of the beach into the decor. Towards the end of winter, I really understood how the weather would get hotter quickly. So there is nothing better than cleaning yourself in an outdoor shower after a day of activities with all the hustle and bustle. I really wasn’t lucky to be living in Hawaii, we all know  [ Read More ]

The sink is usually integrated into the bathroom design. This is a place where you usually rinse your hands, clean something, or just wash your face when you wake up. Some may look modern sink design, some even have a unique style, but it is undeniable that great sink will usually be very expensive. Fortunately, many creative people out there have managed to create attractive sink designs that don’t have to be expensive. You can use used items and turn them into serious sinks that may have artistic and historical value in your life. The sink is very often can  [ Read More ]

Before dreaming of having a bathroom that is like a spa, first consider making a storage area to avoid all the clutter and make your bathing activities more comfortable. The most annoying thing when taking a bath is where you can’t find a shampoo bottle, and the soap is misplaced. I’m sure every bathroom must have a safe place to organize all your bathroom needs, but no matter how good your bathroom storage, it will take up more space in the bathroom wall. Installing a shower niche inside the bathroom wall will give you more comfort and space to relax,  [ Read More ]

Most children like to bathe while playing, they can even feel at home if they are accompanied by their favorite toys. Giving children toys when bathing is indeed the most effective way to persuade them if it is difficult to take a shower, but toys also often make the bathroom mess due to poor storage organizations. If you are bored with bathtubs that are always messy again and again, then you need a smart way to store bath toys so that the bathroom always looks neat, even after the child plays. I have had many bad experiences with kids bath  [ Read More ]

The bathroom was probably hidden and private area, perhaps the reason that makes the bathroom to get the short end of the stick decorations. If many people prefer to decorate their bedrooms, or beautify the living room to show off, then what about the bathroom? Not a few people often forget this important area. If we reflect and think again, isn’t the bathroom the first place you start the day and your last place to unwind. So, I think the bathroom deserves more attention to support your comfort. There’s no more reason you don’t have time for bathroom decor because  [ Read More ]