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If asked what is your favorite place at home? Surely most people would answer it is the bedroom. Now the bedroom is not just a place to rest or sleep, just try to change your bedroom into a beautiful spot to take pictures and capture various moments with the trendiest decoration ideas. Now many people use the bedroom as their workspace, especially if you are a person who follows the development of technology and works online will need a functional room. With the increasing popularity of various social media like Instagram, people are now making the bedroom as the most  [ Read More ]

Bohemian decorations always have a place in the hearts of everyone who wants to beautify their home, and if you don’t know what bohemian style is like then you will love this recommendation. Among the many rooms, perhaps the bedroom that gets the most attention. So, today we will try to use this decoration into the bedroom to feel a bohemian vibe. In addition to crafts, tapestry is a decoration that must exist in order to comply with the requirements of bohemian. This item is also suitable for those of you who live in college dorms and want a little  [ Read More ]

For teen girls, bedrooms are more than just their place to relax and unwind. Teenage girls better define bedrooms as the most comfortable place where they can vent all feelings, thoughts, and about everything they like without any restrictions. When your kids start growing up, you have to deliver them determine what is most appropriate decoration with the style and desires, it is very important to make young girls feel to be themselves. There are many girl bedroom ideas to choose from, considering colors and themes that match their favorites will be a teenager’s dream space. I believe the bedroom  [ Read More ]

The dorm rooms are usually tends to narrow, dark and difficult to set up. This assumption was not one for staying there is dominated by a student or students, perhaps because those dorm rooms are just a temporary resting place while they are learning a higher level. For those who are creative, dorm rooms can be transformed into beautiful room decor, space limitations and the difficulty of putting furniture is not an obstacle to make your dorm room stay comfortable. One of the most popular and most easily encountered girls dorm rooms. The girls are happy to always perform optimally,  [ Read More ]

Living in a dorm room is full of joy and sorrow, let alone a small dorm room should be shared with roommates. We must be really smart set dorm room to still look beautiful but also able to accommodate all of our needs such as books, bags, clothes and others. Sometimes it is like water in the desert when a small floor very valuable for student life. Today I am very excited to share DIY dorm room organization ideas that are brilliant and easy for you to do to make dorm room look neat and make you feel comfortable. When  [ Read More ]