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Who doesn’t know Star Wars? This is the first epic film series released since the 70s and directed by George Lucas. Now, since the appearance of Star Wars has been remade and remains a phenomenon even for decades. Now Star Wars is not just a film but has become a franchise that is quite profitable by producing many books, video games, television series, and many other products. Star Wars has become a lifestyle especially among children and adolescents, not even adults who love this theme. That’s why Star Wars is often used as part of your home decor or those  [ Read More ]

Very common for a woman to like to spend time dressing and beautifying themselves. Although their hobbies often make men upset because they have to wait a long time, and I think all men have experienced it. Every woman always wants to look beautiful, then maybe makeup room is the first thing you should do before going out. Make up room is the beginning where you will start your day and activities, whether you are a working woman, teenager, or housewife, a nice dressing room will make your mood feel amazing. Today I want to inspire you with 32 stylish  [ Read More ]

How are you new year? I hope you pass through it with full of happiness, especially if together with your loved ones. Starting the beginning of this year I’m sure you’ve had so many plans to renovate or just decorate the house to make it look new and fresh. Even though it’s still too early to start, I can’t wait to wait for Valentine’s Day, which is only a month away. I think everyone has a special someone in their lives and be able to celebrate with a good way to glue your relationship. The best step is to start  [ Read More ]

During this time many people consider installing ceiling fans instead will only spoil the overall design of their interior, but it is undeniable that not everyone can afford to buy air conditioning for the entire room cool them. In some parts of the world with a tropical climate, air conditioning becomes very important and must be present in almost every room. But I’m sure many of us are reluctant to rely on bad ceiling fans to help maintain room temperature in our homes. As my experience in the past is so difficult to find a ceiling fan design that can  [ Read More ]

When many people are competing to build a modern house with expensive building materials, these architects prove that the beauty of a house sometimes comes from unexpected ideas. This interior is inspired by nature, where bamboo is very important in creating a unique concept for a place to live. As we know bamboo is very popular to use as building materials, furniture or wall art. The decor is quite popular, especially in the Asian region is now widely used by architects worldwide to equip their buildings. Starting from a beach house with bamboo accents to a cabin in the mountains  [ Read More ]