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Believe me this is not Christmas, but if today is Christmas then you will feel a Christmas nightmare at the end of the year. So, it is still early to before Christmas because this is Halloween with incredible lighting ideas. Aside from Christmas, Halloween is everyone’s favorite holiday, which is why ahead of Halloween celebrations many people are racing to decorate their homes to make them look scary. Halloween this year, I was very enthusiastic about decorating outdoors, as in previous years some cool decorations like haunted houses and Halloween graveyard gave a lot of fun when it surprised everyone  [ Read More ]

Once a year Halloween day comes, and we all know Halloween is always synonymous with scary things. This year Halloween will come again, even it’s just counting the days until many of us to start preparing earlier. After much planning, I finally decided to give more joy to Halloween this year. I want something really different because basically I don’t really like scary things but still don’t get rid of the Halloween accents that have been sticking all this time. After searching for some inspiration from the internet, my choice fell for the idea of Halloween balloon decoration. So, today  [ Read More ]

There’s always something new and exciting about Halloween, and this year I’m really inspired by the IT film that features the fearsome pennywise clown. You know they’ve been up to chapter two right now, but I still can not wait to see what would show these clowns for the next series. Maybe that’s the reason why this year Halloween I want to put these scary clowns everywhere and I want to surprise children when they come home. Apart from ghosts, witches, skulls and spiders, clowns are not too popular as the first choice for Halloween decorations. I know putting a  [ Read More ]

If you notice, these past few weeks I’ve been very enthusiastic about Halloween decorations. In addition to Halloween is already close, somehow for me Halloween into a cool moment to show off things that are creepy to turn the house into a horror. Towards the end of this year we begin to feel the cold days outside, especially when the night is the right moment for some Halloween decoration ideas. First, we start from the most important part of the house, the area where your first guests can see and feel right away when you are at your front door.  [ Read More ]

Many things are unexpected at Halloween, so prepare yourself with some clever tricks that come before Halloween. Fortunately, the best thing about Halloween is when we can just party and celebrate with friends or closest people. This year I do not want to overdo in renovating the entire look of the house, my focus instead falls on a bar cart for Halloween. I really don’t want to spend as much on the Halloween decorations as last year, but I also don’t want to miss this Halloween the usual way so I just keep the bar carts pretty simple. That is  [ Read More ]