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What’s up surfboard lovers? Be prepared to take the courage to enter a big hobby into your home. For those who like to surf, this sport has become a part of their lifestyle, so there is nothing better than admiring a surfboard. Hobbies that not everyone dares to do, sports that require courage are currently also much appreciated by women. So instead of hiding your board, your best bet for storing this equipment is to display it as part of your home decor. Place a surfboard on a shelf or hang it on the wall, it’s the most practical idea  [ Read More ]

This is not an outdoor garden or backyard, all these plants are actually in one room. Maybe you would think this is excessive, but I am sure you will agree with me that there is no such thing as too many plants especially after seeing this plant gallery. I love this jungle fever able to give beauty to any space, pushing the space is so dangerous but gave something completely different. Bring green freshness from outside the room into your home now, this applies to any space even though my favorite remains a living room with Asian tropical forests. You  [ Read More ]

Often people design their homes according to their personalities or interests, and I’m glad there are lots of creative people in this world who have inspired and filled my blog with extraordinary decorations, including the idea of rock n’ roll. For those who like music or even dedicate themselves to music, there is a unique decoration style with turned their homes into the decor of rock n’ roll. If I have to choose, then I would say that this decoration is very cool, call it Rocker Chic or Punk Glam which has been known by many people and is a  [ Read More ]

For some people, wall art is not just a display or home decoration, those who love art and have certain hobbies have their own ways to display home wall art according to their wishes. Today our walls to be filled with ornaments music because everything is inspired by the music, whether you are a lover of classical music, rock or simply a collector of guitars? Let’s show everyone that you are a true music lover. Buying wall art is the quickest and easiest way to get the best wall decor music, but for those who think music is part of  [ Read More ]

For me, every day is the perfect excuse to undergo the activities and start the day with passion, including in matters of home decor. Especially nowadays there are many choices of home accessories that we can easily get to make the house look more stylish. I am a person who likes art, and I don’t think art should be expensive and modern, because there are some retro items that make your home even more enjoyable. You will find retro designs combined with Scandinavian minimalist styles, amazing music items and pastel color palettes to make your sensitivity sing. In other words,  [ Read More ]