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Big game like the Super Bowl always leave rubbish beer bottles everywhere, this is also true for you who are watching at home with friends and family. Maybe you need some DIY creative ideas for all the beer bottles were hogging space in your recycle bin. There are different ways how to utilize the unused beer bottles into beautiful decor, even some DIY ideas following very useful for household needs. I have put together 20 different ways for you to put beer bottles into good use as chandeliers, candles, clocks and much more. Just scroll down and find one of  [ Read More ]

Staircase become one part interior design is very important if you live in a two-storey house or home level. Its main function as a liaison between the bottom floor with the top floor, but staircase also serves as an addition to the beauty of the your home interior if designed with the best possible. For modern stair design, there are actually a lot of sample images and concepts that you can make reference then you apply to your home staircase. But what if design minimalist staircase created with concepts and unique models? Sure it takes a very high creative ideas  [ Read More ]

I am including a love Despicable Me especially the most cute, Minions. Having recently Minions the movie aired, I think they Minions of the movie will make birthday party theme is really fun. It’s easy to make all the details of the party with theme Minions. Of party supplies featuring various accessories Minion, gift bags, printed invitations, birthday cake, party food, and much more. The kids also will love this adorable yellow and character, I have compiled 20 Minions birthday party ideas, there are so many thoughtful details and beautifully executed that no one could resist Minions. Here’s a complete  [ Read More ]

Summer is a great time to take a holiday and enjoy your own deck. Choosing the right material and color can make all the backyard, patio, or balcony into a pleasant daydream runaway. Even if you only have a small space, it will not make you despair, just equip them with old furniture, elegant lighting and comfortable seating then you are ready! find 12 inspiration and ideas for decorating the exterior of your home and find happiness in our photo gallery, just scroll down and find one of your favorite collection!

Summer is a great time to turn on your interior and go for something adorable. Are you ready to collect some ideas to decorate your interior, and let’s start with polka dots. Many people consider polka dots are not modern and too childish, but I think it’s not true. Polka dot it can be used as a theme decor is very modern and fit into any space, as you can make elegant gold polka dots in one of the rooms. Polka dots are also very cool for living room furniture, curtains, tableware, bed linen and to make every accent. Of  [ Read More ]