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Indoor plants are a simple solution for you who want to create an atmosphere that is much fresher in the house or apartment. You do not need a sophisticated air filter or any complicated solution, you just need to choose some plants from 10 collections below and that will help you get best air quality, particularly useful for reducing the amount of dust in your home. Plants believed to absorb the dirty air to replace it with clean air, capable of removing pollutants from the air and increase air humidity. Add some pots, glass vases or hanging plants around the  [ Read More ]

Having a sunroom in the house must be very pleasant, most actual thing now when it is not too cold and not too warm yet, enjoy the sunshine and relax in this transitional season is a must. If you only have a little space, set up a small sunroom or sun angles, and even a small space will give you a lot of joy when you are alone or with family. The easiest way of creating small sunroom is putting several seating options, this could mean a small sofa, chair or bench and add a coffee table to put a  [ Read More ]

Is your pet house looks ordinary and nothing special? Now it’s time you switch to PETMONSTER designed by Subinay Malhotra. They are ludic approach to pet houses that takes ergonomics, aesthetics, materials and manufacturing processes considered to be happy, healthy Fluffy and Fido. An integrated motion sensor and connectivity smart application gives the owner updates and peace of mind when they go. With antenna, legs atom, bright colors, shapes silly and funky retro overall aesthetic. They are a smart alternative to house dogs and cats for those who are bored with house pets out there. This is truly a new  [ Read More ]

House wall will look amazing with DIY graphic wall banners. They are a great alternative to framed art to decorate your walls that allow you to say anything. Wall banners are a fun way that you can do yourself at home, a DIY project that requires creativity you from funny to convey your feelings. Take a few simple ingredients now as rope, paper, twigs, fabric and write your equipment. Use a little imagination and begin to beautify the walls, 10 DIY wall banner below will hopefully help you find cool ideas for writing! source: apartmenttherapy

Animal theme does look cute for any holiday decorations such as Easter celebrations that came about a week away. Who does not like a rabbit for Easter theme, or you can also use chicken and even lamb. Make your own Easter decoration is actually very easy, like taking some bunny paper garland, decorate Easter eggs into shape adorable sheep or paint some Easter animals on glass or plate. The easiest way is to make a card table and an invitation from the form of chicken or rabbit, you can also hang the ornament animals to enliven your Easter. Try mixing  [ Read More ]