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Let’s get ready for Christmas this year with creative Christmas decorations, we can create the decorations yourself to take advantage of thrift into a stunning Christmas creations. Make the most wonderful Christmas for all families, everything looks magical with lots of ornaments in every room. If you want to make something interesting for this holiday, it’s time to start thinking and preparing everything perfectly. Christmas decoration is very unique and really surprise me, you can easily do yourself and take fun atmosphere in the room. Here’s an christmas with thrift Ideas! Christmas Vase Christmas Tree With Small Space Bottle Cap  [ Read More ]

I usually prefer to channel all my energy to make Halloween costume, but this time I will make Halloween decorations for my house. Halloween is my favorite holiday though sometimes scares me, a lot has changed this year, as Halloween DIY will adorn most of my house and it’s hard to ignore. Is your event for Halloween this year? throw a party, or just having fun with the family, this is the best collection of vacation and fun to enjoy. Let’s take a look at many from interesting things Halloween! source: apartmenttherapy


Fall is the beginning we really love this season with warm wooden tones. Whatever your choice in building materials, furniture, or accessories, autumn makes all of the beauty and colors welcome you can only be found from natural wood fibers. We collect the spirit of fall and warm wood furniture for your own home design inspiration. source: dwell

Houseboat ideas came from a dream imaginative in an evening summer 2011, Chris and Kristen wanted to boat design to be used as a temporary shelter and a place to entertain guests in the summer. They had a good experience with shipbuilding. The couple, artists and gallery owners who divide their time between Newport and New York, the pair are the ones who like a challenge, no matter how achievable but the design of their boats very intriguing me. Like being in the house, I thought it was very comfortable with a large bed and a view of the window,  [ Read More ]


This is a modified bus being cool house for students, it seems the whole interior of the bus has been converted into a comfortable place with a bed and a tour of the country to friends and family. Hank is the person most responsible for this project, an architecture student who is tired of drawing the building that was never there for the client and the details of which he did not understand. He decided to defend his thesis very real and full scale, although the bus is not just livable, but this is entirely sustainable project for young architects.  [ Read More ]