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Bold colors show a minimalist change in bold bright tones, and if this type of decoration is usually used indoors, then what if we try to display it for outdoor areas? Outdoor space is the most difficult area given the bold color, this area usually only consists of a yard, terrace and garden, of course it will be difficult to give a splash of color there. But today many people build their private area outside the room, some of the rooms were converted as a living room, kitchen, dining room, bathroom or even more casual look when placed outside. This  [ Read More ]

Fall comes so quickly, and we are faced with a dirty yard with scattered leaves. If you find it very annoying, don’t throw it away because you can make the most beautiful fall decorations by gathering leaves in bright colors. Leaves gives a natural touch to your home, giving a fresh feel that will beautify your room. Even if you don’t have trees outside, you can still make these decorations with a few fake leaves and use them to decorate or make crafts. The easiest thing is to create a table or display arrangement with colorful leaves. Put a few  [ Read More ]

Everyone dreams have their own home entertainment center, this is the largest and most important furniture are usually located in the living room or family room. This is where all the beginning and end of the conversation begins, a place where you can relax and enjoy all the entertainment offered such as watching TV or listening to your favorite music. Sometimes this room also functions as a focal point, providing storage and as a unit facing the sofa. However, because of the many designs of home entertainment centers at the moment, it even makes many people confused to determine the  [ Read More ]

I believe each time with family is the most precious moments, intulah why I always capture in a family photo. Maybe you can find out how to make a wall frame gallery on Pinterest, but I’m sure many of you don’t know how family photos should be made for decoration or wall art. Making your own gallery frame wall is really fun, and today I want to show you in a few simple steps and tips. Now every moment in the family is very easy to capture through photos, even many parents use a smartphone full of photos. But like  [ Read More ]

Everyone must crave a beautiful and comfortable home, because a comfortable home makes anyone feel calm when in it. No matter the size of your home is large or small, home design can be done by anyone, including those of you who have a small room. The house does not only function as shelter and shelter, it is also the beginning and end of your daily activities, family gathering places, and the most comfortable place for you to feel happy. So, no wonder for the sake of getting a comfortable home, you must be willing to spend a lot of  [ Read More ]