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If you claim to be a gaming geek, you want to have a themed room that has all the decorations full of the game world. This is not childish, I believe every gamer has their own hobbies and they know how to make themselves happy through the world of unlimited games. There are many choices of games and consoles today, whether you like PS4, Xbox, Nintendo or even PC gaming. Here you will see a lot of inspiration and to create a space game full of fantasy. Usually a gamer has room references to their liking, try using colors well,  [ Read More ]

If a home library is usually closed to give you privacy in enjoying your favorite books, then wait until you see this amazing library that integrates a room full of books with peace and tranquility outside. This library is designed for those of you who like nature and books, I believe combining the two not only gives you a unique library space but also makes you more focused on reading. We all know that nature is able to create peace over any element in this world, here you will find the sensation of reading more comfortable, increase concentration for soothing  [ Read More ]

There are many ways to decorate your staircase, and the inclusion of botany trend is the best alternative that you can do. Nowadays decorative plants like to be part of the decor, its diverse types with many color choices make it easier for us to determine the plants suitable for the theme of the room. If you are happy with activities including gardening then add some ornamental plants on the steps seem to be attractive, while plants will automatically keep the air clean and fresh. Stairs are usually free area leaving only the walls to decorate, but with a little  [ Read More ]

I am very loving indoor planters and like to see them grow well. Among the many types of plants in the room, perhaps my favorite is the mini planters because it is very pleasant. They are just the perfect combination of interior decoration and gardening maintenance with minimal care, easy to place anywhere that will beautify your interior. To support the beauty of my planters, then I need some inspiration of mini planter pots suitable for every room. Pot is an important factor if you want to have an indoor plant in accordance with your wishes. Today I have a pretty  [ Read More ]

Are you a Harry Potter fan? If you include the likes with JK Rowling as I definitely had a huge collection of movies and books. But what if you dream of living in the Harry Potter world and visiting Hogwarts? You are lucky to have come to the right place. This is a collection of Harry Potter themes for your decoration, probably mostly designed for kids rooms and nursery but parents who like Harry Potter can put some in their rooms. You can even create your own DIY Harry Potter decorations from items that I’m sure you all have at home,  [ Read More ]