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Outdoor wedding reception does require preparation and planning, including selecting wedding chair for a couple that inspire. Wedding chair consists of two pairs and aims to present an invitation to sit close to their mates, not just a sense of togetherness as wedding event. Adding some flower or card behind the chair and your wedding party will be more festive. For this post we give simple wedding chair ideas but still attractive are outdoors, try to develop your creativity and find a lot of ways to create a more memorable wedding. Here is chair designs that you can make sweet  [ Read More ]

Have you prepared everything to welcome easter this year? Home decorating with the easter theme is very enjoyable, especially when done with friends or family. Wonderful easter decor always synonymous with eggs and bunnies, you can gives garnish on the dining table or make a colorful touch. You do not need to decorate your own eggs or the hassle of making a lot of options, because many stores have sold a collection of easter decorations at affordable prices. Complete easter day with joy also makes cakes and drinks for everyone, here are easter decorating ideas with a wide selection of  [ Read More ]