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How is your Christmas today? I hope you are always happy with those closest to celebrate Christmas with great joy. Today I still want to give you more excitement with various Christmas inspirations to spend this year’s vacation to make it more memorable. I am sure today there are many Christmas decorations and ornaments that can be found in almost every part of the house, some people have even made their own Christmas party on the eve of the celebration. The climax will be many Christmas gifts for kids, some parents have even prepared them well before Christmas. I’m sure  [ Read More ]

Towards winters started to unfriendly, in some parts of the world has even seen snow began to fall. That means Christmas is nearing, and the holiday season will soon follow. If you have prepared everything and started dreaming of Christmas decorations in November, then you are not alone because the year-end holiday is the most anticipated and Christmas is the most beautiful end of year. Another case if you are too busy with the activities, even you will wait until the last minute, you need a decor that is practical, easy, and certainly with a cheap budget. I don’t think  [ Read More ]

The sink is usually integrated into the bathroom design. This is a place where you usually rinse your hands, clean something, or just wash your face when you wake up. Some may look modern sink design, some even have a unique style, but it is undeniable that great sink will usually be very expensive. Fortunately, many creative people out there have managed to create attractive sink designs that don’t have to be expensive. You can use used items and turn them into serious sinks that may have artistic and historical value in your life. The sink is very often can  [ Read More ]

What do you have in mind when we talk about mason jars? I am sure you will immediately think about wedding decorations or harvesters. Some people even like to use mason jars as food containers, usually as jellies or pickles, and many use them as fruit and vegetable salads. Then the question is, whether mason jars can be used as decoration to beautify your home? Believe me, there are so many things and uses of mason jar crafts that you can apply to beautify your home. That’s because they are very practical and functional, even most of these decorations use  [ Read More ]

When you decide to live in a modern-style house, the interior will be synonymous with minimalist design, clean and truly utilize every room to the maximum. But that does not mean you do not have significant problems, today’s modern home design often exposes you to the problem of lack of storage space. For this reason, many people try to think outside the box and look for spaces that might have never been thought of as storage space for all your belongings. Today I want to try to inspire you to be able to find and where to organize your storage,  [ Read More ]