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When it comes to small spaces, it can be a problem with the storage area. There is not the slightest room for putting things in, but one in particular I noticed is finding the most effective solution to all these small space problems, especially when you really need more space to organize everything. I know maybe some DIY ideas sound quite difficult to do, of course, for some people this will be a very fun project. Try starting from simple things, and thinking of utilizing places you never expected before, like behind doors, walls, down stairs, under beds to narrow  [ Read More ]

The main key to getting a comfortable home is a good storage system. No matter how beautiful your home is, if you can’t afford to keep all your needs, the house will always be a mess. For this reason, a clean and tidy house is very important to support your comfort at home. Many people use the shelves to place objects such as books, action figures, or other collections. There are so many types and designs that you can easily get on the market, or for those who are creative, they will be very happy to make their own from  [ Read More ]

All dog lovers definitely want the best beds for their furry friends, and usually it’s inside the house. Although it sounds like fun, but believe me it will be very difficult to unite the furniture and dog beds, sometimes even cause a lot of chaos. There are several facts that make a dog’s bed get into the interior, first you need to choose the design of a dog bed that fits the concept of your room, so the best choice is a modern dog bed that is suitable for any space. Alternatively, try to hide the dog bed or even  [ Read More ]

For those who don’t know, maybe driftwood doesn’t mean anything because it’s just a pile of rubbish that drifts along the coast. But in the hands of creative and DIY enthusiast, driftwood is buried precious objects that bring home to our own history. I want to invite you to explore more about how your imagination to turn simple things into extraordinary, and who thinks through a piece of wood you can create decorative ideas that will enhance the beauty of your home. Driftwood can be converted into a variety of craft, decoration or even furniture. That depends on how detailed  [ Read More ]

IKEA furniture popularity has been known to many people for a long time, even for a simple spice rack. Around a few years ago, IKEA spice rack has been widely used as a storage place books in the children’s room. Maybe that’s the best reason why every IKEA product is able to function for various needs in its original state, and I think IKEA spice rack is the easiest to organize your entire space. Nobody knows why this shelf should be lowered to store spices and books, even though there are still many more effective ways to use this rack  [ Read More ]